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The 82nd Airborne in Normandy Announced

by Thomas on Feb. 21, 2002 @ 7:20 p.m. PST

Shrapnel Games is proud to announce that All American: The 82nd Airborne in Normandy has entered late alpha and should go gold in May of 2002.

Shrapnel Games announces All American: The 82nd Airborne in Normandy. Preparations have begun for the Airborne Invasion of Europe!

The eagerly awaited sequel to 101: The Airborne Invasion of Normandy will take you north and east of the 101st Airborne action as the brave soldiers of the All American division attempt to take Ste. Mere Eglise, bridgeheads spanning the Merderet River, and many other varied and trying missions. In addition to the features from the Wargame of the Year nominee, 101: The Airborne Invasion of Normandy, here are just a few of the new features planned for All American:

  • Added: Auto-save option after each turn.
  • All New group move feature. No more drudgery trudging through hedgerows!
  • Code in place for possible Scenario Editor support.
  • Jump results adjusted to reflect actual 82nd Airborne results.
  • German patrols reworked so that they can enter (or re-enter) maps even during resting times. Combine this with the new group move and we have removed artificial knowledge of when an area is safe or not (as if you needed another challenge...).
  • Added: Grenade stun effect.
  • Added: AI enhancements.
  • Ever want to try to force those sentries to surrender? All New Threaten Command!
  • 9 New Main missions, 18 New Secondary missions.
  • New music.
  • All New art.
  • Base in England streamlined to get you in the plane as quickly as possible!
  • All New Characters, with their own unique skills, abilities and personalities.
  • All New Manual, with more info and the designer's own insights as to why he chose to model things as he did. The manual is sure to increase your enjoyment of this much awaited sequel!

Richard Arnesen, Director of Covert Operations for Shrapnel Games, said, "101 is the reason I joined Shrapnel Games over two years ago. To be able to work as part of the team putting out the sequel to this Award winning wargame is truly an honor. With additional features and art added to it's sequel, it should be the hottest wargame of the year when it goes gold in May!"

Tim Brooks, President of Shrapnel Games and Lead Designer added, "We have left in all that people liked, and hopefully have added enough features and tweaks to make everyone happy. I know I'm looking forward to playing it!"

All American: The 82nd Airborne in Normandy is available for pre- release ordering at Shrapnel Games' website at Those who order now can save $5.00 off the retail price of $44.95.

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