SCi signs Futurama

by Thomas on Feb. 25, 2002 @ 2:17 p.m. PST

SCi Entertainment Group (SEG), today announces the signing of the game publishing rights to Futurama, the highly successful Twentieth Century Fox TV series.

Futurama is the follow up to The Simpsons, both of which were created by Matt Groening, the multi-Emmy award winning writer and designer. The game is to be published on PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Game Cube during SCi’s 2003 Financial Year. SCi has signed the worldwide rights to the game outside North America. Fox Interactive will publish the game in North American markets.

Futurama was launched in March 1999, and since then has been televised throughout the world. The show is currently in its fourth season, with international TV broadcasting commitments currently extending beyond 2003 in most territories, and into 2008 in certain territories.

The game is being developed by Swedish-based developer, UDS, whose last title, “World’s Scariest Police Chases”, was released to critical acclaim and excellent sales at the end of 2001. Futurama is a 3D action adventure set in the stunning sci-fi universe of the TV series. The player can take on the role of the three main characters, Fry, Bender and Leila, as their adventure takes them from Planet Express right around the galaxy.

The game, which is well into development, features a strong storyline written by the TV show’s scriptwriter and producer, J. Stewart Burns. Matt Groening has been heavily involved with the game from its conception. The game will feature most of the original voice artists from all the major territories. It features a custom-made cartoon rendering engine that captures the visual look and feel of the Futurama TV series. This, combined with the authenticity that the show's creator, writers and voice talent bring, means that the game will be as close as possible to playing real episodes from the show.

Jane Cavanagh, Chief Executive of SCi commented:

“We are delighted to sign such an exciting mass market licence. Following the outstanding success of The Italian Job, this is a clear demonstration that global companies such as Fox have faith in the quality of SCi products. Added to existing titles such as The Great Escape and the next generation of the Rally Championship, Futurama provides SCi with a very strong line up for the 2003 Financial Year.”

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