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'Black Belt Challenge' and 'Invader' Coming To GBA - Screens

by Thomas on Feb. 25, 2002 @ 4:56 p.m. PST

Two new titles is on their way Q1 2002 for GBA..

Black Belt Challenge is an original and enjoyable one-on-one Fighting Game for the GBA. Featuring unique characters, intuitive controls, many moves to master and various addictive game modes, it is a phenomenal handheld fighting game..

Join the fight for freedom in Invader, is a action-packed project for the Nintendo GBA. In Invader, you're pitted against Swarm, a seemingly unstoppable alien force that threatens to destroy your solar system, Alpha Necronis..
Facts and screens below!

Black Belt Challenge

Your quest is to fight for lost pages of the Book Of Zero. When completed, this book will reward the holder with the ultimate powers. As a player, your choice of character will determine your motives for gaining possession of this book. Do you want to own it in order to use the powers in your evil plans to take over the world, or will you fight tooth and nail in your heroic and noble quest to prevent this book falling into the wrong hands? What’s it to be? Good or evil? Choose your character and begin the quest.


  • Original title created exclusively for Game Boy Advance
  • Compete to collect the missing pages of the Book of Zero
  • 11 vibrant backgrounds set the scene for each bout of fast paced fighting action
  • Accurate and Intelligent AI
  • A total of 11 unique characters to play as and exchange blows with.
  • Colourful, comedy anime style characters with super smooth animation, designed in a super-deformed style
  • Secret unlockable characters
  • Numerous special moves to master
  • Various different game modes including 2-player clashes via the GBA Game Link Cable



The sinister organisation, Swarm was single-handedly responsible for 600 years of destructive war between your world, Rygot and a neighbouring planet, Ixaban. Now, it's time to settle all differences and join forces with your former enemy in order to eradicate Swarm from your solar system, so that peace shall prevail over your people once more. Grab the controls of either a Rygotian or an Ixaban ship and get ready to join the fast-paced and explosive battle.

Are you ready to take part in operation Invader?


  • Original title created exclusively for Game Boy Advance
  • Frantic, action-packed gameplay
  • Choice of 2 different spacecraft to control
  • Collect coins and power ups to customise your own spacecraft
  • Up to 8 different weapons to choose from
  • Multi layer parallax scrolling
  • Real time effects including accurate shadow casting, variable weather, realistic transparent water and night and day settings
  • Ever-increasing sense of height and depth, helping the player to experience real feelings of speed and motion
  • 8 end bosses
  • 8 true to nature worlds, filled with scores of enemies
  • Unique co-operative play available via the GBA Game Link Cable

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