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BCT Commander Ships

by Thomas on Feb. 25, 2002 @ 11:21 p.m. PST

Shrapnel Games is proud to announce that the latest game from ProSim, BCT Commander, has shipped and will be available in your local store SOON!
CT Commander and its predecessor Brigade Combat Team are the creation of Captain Patrick Proctor, Field Artillery, U. S. Army. Based on the battalion/brigade level tactical simulator, JANUS, and designed for and used by the army to train its senior commanders, this windows-based simulation retains all of the realism of its mainframe-based predecessor, while improving on the user interface by using windows-style point and click commands. Now, BCT Commander gives the fans what they have been asking for - BCT, The Construction Set, and the Expansion Packs all in one physical package with an awesome updated manual and CD. Plus:

Contains 12 new scenarios, never seen in any other expansion pack.
Includes the BCT JRTC Special Edition, which almost no commercial users have.

Contains new versions of both BCT and the Construction Set, including color maps at every zoom level.

Also included is Expansion Pack #1 and Expansion Pack #2. The installer package for BCT Commander installs the game with all of the add-ons and does it all in one, integrated package.

This software product contains an updated user guide. It also contains a ton of web help content.

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