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by Thomas on Feb. 26, 2002 @ 8:03 a.m. PST

Determined to make it as real as real can get, the most dangerous videogame developers on the planet, Running With Scissors, today announced that POSTAL 2's malicious motion-capture data is "in the can" for the new first-person shooter to be released this Fall.

Running With Scissors teams with House of Moves Motion Capture Studios to make "POSTAL 2" come to life - and death

"With a resume that includes Hollywood's AAA clients (but we can't mention any cause they'll crap themselves), L.A.'s House of Moves was the obvious choice to capture POSTAL 2's disturbing digital detail" crowed Vince Desi, RWS's CEO.

"Besides, where else could Running With Scissors find a mo-cap studio of HOM's caliber that would let us abuse professional stuntmen and women like that? It was friggin' beautiful! It was like a ballet choreographed by Tarantino, but with more guns, deader dead guys and sexier women."

"We've worked on hundreds of interactive titles over the years, but on nothing as depraved as this," exclaimed House of Moves' Jarrod Phillips, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "We tried to pawn the work off on a competitor, but by the time we figured out what the Scissors' psychos wanted us to capture, it was too late. And as long as it wasn't one of our guys on fire, why should we care?"

"Keeping it secret any longer was about as likely as Katie Couric winning a gold medal for porn, so we figured we'd blow the lid off the rumor mill and confirm what those weeks of closed rehearsal sessions with real guns was all about," confessed Desi in referring to Running With Scissors enlisting legendary mo-cap studio House of Moves to capture the human frailties for POSTAL 2.

"Motion capture allows us to accurately animate a guy doing stuff he usually does in private, you know…like masturbating while on fire." said Desi. "That's essential because our fans are simply too sophisticated and caring for pedestrian games that settle for less."

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