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Woody Woodpecker Crazy Castle 5 (GBA) - Facts

by Thomas on Feb. 26, 2002 @ 10:29 a.m. PST

The well-known Australian developer, Tantalus has produced a new Woody Woodpecker game for publishers, Kemco - ‘Woody Woodpecker Crazy Castle 5’. Check out some gameinfo/facts below.

One day Mother Nature asks for Woody Woodpeckers help. The reason? The Fairy World had been seized by demons. Woody’s interest is sparked when he learns that there is a treasure chest waiting in the legendary castle of the Fairy World. But to reach the castle Woody has to first free the five worlds of the elements of nature.

The five element worlds are each separately made up of fire, water, wind, sand and wood. Each world has its own different features, its own mysterious castle, occupied by a demon that has one element key. Once Woody has gathered all five keys, the legendary Crazy Castle appears. Woody must face the same types of challenges he faced in previous five worlds as he heads toward the throne to meet the demon that occupies Crazy Castle.

This latest instalment of the successful “Crazy Castle” series is the first to be developed exclusively for Game Boy Advance. It will catch the spirit of animated movies by utilising many of the tricks Woody and his friends can muster and combine within the popular Crazy Castle universe.

Woody Woodpecker offers six worlds, each consisting of 6 stages and an easy-to-use interface without any difficult button combinations. This game is immediately accessible to all ages!

Woody Woodpecker wears seven different costumes in the game which change his abilities. He will also show his unique ability as Woody Woodpecker: Woody is able to peck himself through walls and obstacle blocks. And of course, he has different items to enhance his powers: Skateboards, Jet Packs, safety helmets and cakes (yes flying cakes!) are ready for the players to use. For the first time, the gameflow is non-linear, the player can proceed through the game in any order. And there are the new one-way doors, they make the game more difficult to solve.

‘Crazy Castle 5’ makes maximum use out of the new Game Boy Advance hardware: It will feature the entire palette of colours, including semi-transparent colours for flames and water effects, as well as the power of the 32bit CPU for game speed.

Release Date: May 2002

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