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Ripping Friends (GBA) - Facts & Screens

by Thomas on Feb. 26, 2002 @ 4:35 p.m. PST

Superhero cartoon innovatively gets turned into scrolling beat-'em-up. The Ripping Friends are a team of the most manly men in the world. Their mission is to “RIP” anything that stands in the way of freedom and goodness.

Rip, Chunk, Slab and Crag knew that something was up when they heard the evil Citrasett was heading their way, determined to put his most diabolical plot ever into effect. It had just been too quiet recently in Ripcot. Bent on destroying the Ripping Friends way of life, Citrasett and other arch rivals are teaming up to challenge The Ripping Friends in a climatic final battle to decide the fate of the earth!

It ’s Ripping Time!


  • Take control of up to 4 different Ripping Friends: Rip, Chunk, Slab and Crag - each with their own special moves
  • 7 huge levels to explore including 5 additional sub-levels
  • Battle evil bosses and an array of their minions - all based on original characters from the Ripping Friends cartoon
  • Pick-up awesome items along the way like the Blaster, Freeze Ray or Popgun, but watch out for hidden traps and hazards
  • Multiplayer action - play with up to 4 of your friends using the GBA link cable
  • Popular TV program among children on Fox Kids in the US
  • Distribution tbc in Europe and AP
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