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Neuro - A New FPS Game Announced

by Thomas on Feb. 26, 2002 @ 5:19 p.m. PST

Revolt Games and Russobit-M company are happy to announce the development of Neuro, a brand new FPS title. The game is set in the RG-created universe of their upcoming space combat sim - Homeplanet.

Neuro™ has a futuristic setting, when humankind invents a totally new way of traveling in space. That is why people already inhabit the nearest star systems. Time passes by and these colonies grow into the biggest industrial and scientific centers. Obvious enough, they want to get independent and quit the Earth Confederation. The game starts on the surface of one of the colonies - a planet named Sorgo.

Craig Richards is the main game character, who finds himself in the epicenter of the conflict between special services of the Earth and a military clan Troiden. But he, himself is a psionic soldier serving the Earth Confederation.

The gameplay of Neuro is built on player's special ability to take any living being under psi-control. Thus, the player stands a chance to fulfill the level objectives in a rather untraditional way.

It should be mentioned that the main platform for the game would be PC.

Here we go with the main features of the game:

7 different locations, which include Megalopolis, Scientific labs, Space station, Jungle and Military base;
More than 20 different enemies, with mercenaries, drug dealers, soldiers of the clan among them;
15 kinds of weapons;
The world of the game - cyberpunk, the world of the distant future, the time of space travelling;
The gameplay of Neuro is based on special abilities of the main character who can take under psi-control his enemies and feel himself in their hats;
Advanced AI of the enemies will be a real challenge for the player;
The soundtrack of the game will feature different musical genres which will create a unique atmosphere of the game;
Neuro is based on the in-house engine by Revolt Games;
The game will have multiplayer - deathmatch mode.

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