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'Warrior Kings' Is Just About To Be Released!

by Thomas on Feb. 27, 2002 @ 12:17 p.m. PST

Black Cactus' let us know that their first RTS PC Title "Warrior Kings" is just about to be released "February 28th" ! Find out more news around this game below!

Here follow some news we just recived from Black Cactus:

The official Warrior Kings website is now live. To find out more details about the game, go to

The Black Cactus website has also been updated recently where you will find the latest Warrior Kings previews & screenshots . There is also a new section, called "Background" which features an interactive map of "Orbis", the world in which Warrior Kings takes place.

And..................the Warrior Kings playable demo will be the exclusive cover mount on the March issue of PC Format, on sale in the UK, today, 27 February 2002. It contains 4 tutorials and one full level from the game. Make sure you buy a copy and play it!

Black Cactus has just completed a 2 week press tour of Warrior Kings in the United States. The tour will have reached 1,600,000 readers/viewers by the time it has all aired!

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