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Dungeon Siege - Fact Sheet & Screens

by Thomas on Feb. 28, 2002 @ 5:58 p.m. PST

We just received some fact sheet and screens from Microsoft and their upcoming title, Dungeon Siege.. If the rumours are to be believed, they've nearly finished it.

"Dungeon Siege"
Fact Sheet
February 27, 2002

What: "Dungeon Siege™"

Developer: Gas Powered Games Corp.

Publisher: Microsoft Corp.

Availability: April 2002

Format: CD-ROM for the Microsoft® Windows® 98, Me, 2000 and XP operating systems

Product Overview:
"Dungeon Siege" plunges players into a continuous 3-D fantasy world on a quest to stop a forgotten evil. This fast-action role-playing game starts players with a single character. As they travel through the world, players can gather a party of as many as eight characters who work together on their quest. "Dungeon Siege" drives players into one over-the-top battle after another as the storyline unfolds.

Key Features:

Seamless, continuous, fully 3-D environment - "Dungeon Siege" is set in a vast world in which players can journey seamlessly across a breath-taking landscape, from the highest mountain to the deepest dungeon without ever having to stop to watch a loading screen.

The more the merrier - In "Dungeon Siege," players can customize their party to include up to eight cohorts in the adventure of a lifetime. Non-player characters will join the party as the player progresses, or other human players can join in through a groundbreaking multiplayer system in which players can explore branching worlds exclusive to multiplayer gameplay. "Dungeon Siege" will support play via Microsoft's (, the Internet or a local area network (LAN).

Action and adventure without the wait - "Dungeon Siege" is engaging yet easy to understand, action-packed yet simple to control, deep and involving yet quick to learn. "Dungeon Siege" allows a player to concentrate on the fun stuff: battling monsters, exploring dungeons and developing their character.

Siege the platform - Gas Powered Games will also be making the Siege Editor available for download. This gives players the freedom to rework nearly every aspect of the game, making "Dungeon Siege" not only a game, but also a role-playing platform for those who want to create their own characters, spells and dungeons, then share them with the world.

Developer Information:
Gas Powered Games was founded in May 1998 by Chris Taylor, creator of the award-winning "Total Annihilation." Located in Kirkland, Wash., Gas Powered Games is staffed by top talent and is devoted to creating immersive, cutting-edge games that push technological boundaries.

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