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Red Card Soccer (PS2) - Facts & Screens

by Thomas on Feb. 28, 2002 @ 6:25 p.m. PST

World Cup Football has just been redefined as an extreme sport! RedCard is the only next generation football game to deliver the real action, hard-hitting and undiluted, in incredibly realistic graphical detail. Put a fan on the pitch, give them the kit and this is how they'd play.

Taking the beautiful game to new heights, RedCard has all the features you demand from football game and a whole lot more. 52 International teams are ready to take you to fever pitch with three game modes, masses of rewards, serious power ups, and few soon-to-be-announced surprises.

However, all this high-adrenalin sporting action would be nought when one man and his whistle take the pitch: the Referee. Commentators often say that the referee is only human, but in RedCard that doesn't make him infallible - it makes him vulnerable.

RedCard - same game, different rules

RedCard Soccer Key Features

  • 11-on-11
  • Adrenaline-style Gameplay - RedCard combines authentic football action with over-the-top gameplay
  • 52 international teams compete for the ultimate championship while wild soccer fans cheer them on
  • Easy to Learn - A context sensitive control system that allows players to utilize more controller buttons when they become more comfortable with the game's controls
  • Rewards/Power-ups - Skilled players can unlock modes, teams and stadiums, and uncover the hidden power-ups to enhance the game and add replay value
  • Extreme Animations - All different types of exaggerated kicks including bike flip and scissor kicks, as well shimmies (selling someone a dummy), nutmegs and quick passing from feet to heads
  • Real Stadiums - Visually stunning environments with realistic texturing
    1. Yokohama
    2. Satama
    3. Deugu
    4. Ecopa
    5. Big Eye
    6. Nagata
    7. Oita
  • Momentum - Players have the ability to raise the team momentum for limited amounts of time.
  • Player Attributes - Players possess ratings and attributes matching their physical size and abilities
  • Three Gameplay Modes - Friendly Mode, Tournament/Party Mode and Cup Mode
  • Create-a-Team - Players create their own custom super-team by choosing players from different countries

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