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New Web Site For Curse: The Eye of Isis

by Thomas on Feb. 4, 2002 @ 3:50 p.m. PST

London-based entertainment software developer Asylum Entertainment announces the launch of a new web site for its first home grown IP Curse: The Eye of Isis. Curse is a gripping, mysterious, action adventure that takes players from the grime of Victorian London’s streets to the pyramids of ancient Egypt in a suspense filled action adventure. It will be published on PS2 by Wanadoo Edition in the autumn of 2002.


Asylum Entertainment launches a new web site for Curse: The Eye of Isis

As interest in this absorbing gothic dramatic adventure heats up, the web site will provide journalists and consumers with a plethora of information and visuals. Visitors are already given an overview of the plot exposition and characters. There is a summary on how the game is being produced, with full details on how characters are created, from the conceptual sketches through to the final animations. Descriptions of characters are also given, with additions being made to this section every fortnight.

There are also plenty of downloads available from the Curse web site. These include character artwork, screenshots, wallpaper, trailers and MP3s of the Curse soundtrack

Asylum’s Managing Director Simon Bailey says, “We’re really pleased with the progress we are making with the development of Curse. As our first homegrown IP, it’s really important to us to show people how creative Asylum can be outside of the constraints of a licensed property. This web site gives us an excellent platform to show how work is progressing on Curse. We are very confident that Curse is going to be a hit.”

The web site for Curse: The Eye of Isis is now live at
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