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DBZ: Collectible Card Game (GBA) Coming Soon

by Thomas on Feb. 6, 2002 @ 1:27 p.m. PST

– Deal! Draw! Conquer! Infogrames, Inc. has announced the summer release of the eagerly anticipated Dragon Ball Z: Collectible Card Game for the Game Boy Advance. Developed by Screaming Games, the Game Boy Advance version of the Dragon Ball Z: Collectible Card Game allows players to immerse themselves in the DBZ Universe and utilizing powerful characters and combat strategies to save it from destruction!


Phenomenally Popular Property Headed to Game Boy Advance for June Release

Game Will Feature Exclusive Cards

“Produced by FUNimation Productions, Dragon Ball Z® has a loyal following in the millions, and our goal is to provide an authentic interactive card game that stays true to the anime series and Score Entertainment’s original Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game,” said Paul Rinde, senior vice president and general manager of Infogrames’ Minneapolis label. “Plus Infogrames has included a “powerful and exclusive” promotional card inside the box. This specially marked promotional card will be a added bonus to the DBZ fan.”

In the DBZ: Collectible Card Game, players create multiple custom decks from over 300 cards from the Trunks™, Saiyan™, Frieza® and Androids™ saga’s. Using selected cards, players try to defeat their opponent with a combination of strategy, attacks and defense. The ultimate goal of the game is to achieve victory by one of three ways: Survival Victory, Dragon Ball Victory or Most Powerful Personality Victory.

To achieve a Survival Victory you must eliminate all of your opponent’s cards first. For a Dragon Ball victory a player must be the first to collect all seven Dragon Balls. To win a Most Powerful Personality Victory you must reach your highest personality level before your opponent.

The Game Boy ® Advance DBZ: Collectible Card Game allows gamers to play their favorite characters, play against friends or the computer, unlock nine “exclusive” Combat cards originally found in the Game Boy® Advance game, use multiple martial arts styles or chose only one and declare Tokui-Waza. DBZ fans will be able to play their favorite characters and enjoy powering up against friends or the system.

About Screaming Games LLC
Based in the sunny Sonora desert in Anthem, Arizona, Screaming Games LLC works with partners around the world to produce games in multiple genres from children’s titles and simulations to war games and first person adventures. The Company has developed games for both PC and hand-held devices and is preparing for future titles on additional platforms. Screaming Games specializes in games for the mass market based on either our original concepts or licensed intellectual property. For more information, visit the Company’s website at

About FUNimation
Focusing on quality entertainment properties such as Dragon Ball Z, FUNimation Productions, Ltd, is a full service brand management company with in-house production, licensing, internet, home video distribution and toy divisions. With over 9 million videos already sold and over 5 million hits per day on its website, Dragon Ball Z is the top rated series on Cartoon Network and the “Most Searched for Term of 2001” on the internet. FUNimation also produces Dragon Ball®, the exciting prequel to Dragon Ball Z® airing on the USA on Cartoon Network; Yu Yu Hakusho™, one of the top anime of all time, airing in the USA on Carton Network; Lupin the 3rd™, one of the longest running anime classics; Fruits Basket™, based on the top selling comic book in Japan; and Blue Gender™, a sci-fi anime. Look for collectibles from IF Labs™ featuring the Dragon Ball® Movie Collection, Dragon Ball®, and Yu Yu Hakusho™ as well as home video from FUNimation Productions and a host of other products licensed by FUNimation’s Production’s licensing division. IF Labs™ is a joint venture between FUNimation and Irwin Toy. For additional information on FUNimation and its properties, check out For more information regarding Dragon Ball Z®, contact Dave Moran at FUNimation at 817-788-0627 x 207.

About Score
Score is the leader for quality and value in the card collecting industry, and established this reputation through revolutionary product such as the Sportflix baseball set issued in 1985, and its first Score brand in 1988. After acquiring a football license in 1989, Score introduced a football set featuring a superb rookie class that many believe single-handedly lifted the football card hobby to new heights. Score’s trading card sets in baseball, hockey and football have continued to put the fun back into collecting with great success throughout the years.

Score entered the collectible card game industry with a rich and deep background. Score brings years of expertise in cutting-edge print technology, as well as a proven game design group with more than 50 years experience between them. This formidable combination is evident in Score’s successful publication of the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game which is one of the top selling Collectible Card Games on the market. Score now looks to expand this success with the introduction of Buffy the Vampire Slayer CCG. For high quality and tremendous value, look to Score.

About Infogrames
New York-based Infogrames, Inc. (Nasdaq: IFGM) is one of the largest third-party publishers of interactive entertainment software in the U.S. The Company develops video games for all consoles (Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft), PCs, and Macintosh systems. Infogrames’ catalogue of more than 1,000 titles includes award-winning franchises such as Civilization, Backyard Sports, Deer Hunter, Driver, RollerCoaster Tycoon, Test Drive, and Unreal, and key licenses including Survivor, Warner Bros. Looney Tunes, Nickelodeon’s Blue’s Clues, Dragon Ball Z, Mission Impossible, Harley-Davidson, Major League Baseball, and the National Football League, among many others. The Company’s Humongous Entertainment and MacSoft labels are leaders in children’s and Macintosh entertainment software, respectively.

Infogrames, Inc. is a majority-owned subsidiary of France-based Infogrames Entertainment SA (IESA) (Euronext 5257), a global publisher and distributor of video games for all platforms, as well as interactive digital television, mobile smart devices (WAP, HDML) and in-flight entertainment systems. In 2001, IESA acquired Infogrames Interactive, Inc. (formerly Hasbro Interactive), including its line of software based on well-known licenses such as Monopoly, Jeopardy, Tonka, and Atari, which are published and distributed in the U.S. by Infogrames, Inc. For more information, visit the Company’s Web site at

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