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Valhalla Talks Your Socks Off

by Thomas on Feb. 6, 2002 @ 1:34 p.m. PST

Vulcan Software have officially launched episode 3 of the Valhalla Classics Speech Adventure. This brand new episode entitled, 'The Chapel', sees the intrepid Prince of Valhalla come face to face with a bunch of dead ancestors. Confused? You will be.

"The Chapel was originally level 3 of the Amiga game 'Valhalla & The Lord of Infinity'. It was always fun, but we saw an opportunity to make the PC conversion even more entertaining. We've added more puzzles and the Prince now speaks over 360 individual phrases of digital speech. In fact he's got a bigger vocabulary than I have", says Vulcan Director Lisa Tunnah

The first episode of the Valhalla Classics is free, further episodes are priced at $3.60, there are 12 episodes planned in all. The episodes are downloaded and played within Vulcan's free windows application the Vulcan Portal. The Portal allows access to a growing community of gamers, allowing it's users to adopt 3D personas (avatars) and communicate with each other using synthetically spoken 3DVoiceMail.

Click HERE for the ValHalla Website

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