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Mall Tycoon Has Shipped To Stores

by Thomas on Feb. 6, 2002 @ 7:44 p.m. PST

Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. and Holistic Design, Inc announced today that their latest simulation, "Mall Tycoon," has shipped to stores. The game gives players the opportunity to design, build, and run the 3D retail empire of their dreams.


World's First Mall Management Simulation Features Food Courts, Cineplexes, and Supernatural Foes

"Our goal has been to capture the essence of what really goes on behind the scenes at a shopping center," said Andrew Greenberg, Director at Holistic Design, Inc. "As a result, players are not only challenged to build an economically successful mall, but they must also deal with the oddities that occur on a regular basis."

With over 250 store combinations and 120 scenery pieces to choose from, players of "Mall Tycoon" create and manage malls of all sizes and styles. They may fill them with anything from the shadiest tattoo parlor to the classiest clothing boutique. Aspiring Mall Tycoons must hire janitors, guards, and greeters to keep the mall secure and profitable. They must also watch out for some of the funkier mall inhabitants - shoplifters, mall punks, and supernatural creatures - who are out to hinder their success.

With "Mall Tycoon," players will be able to:

- Build their very own mall from the ground up and choose from over 15 challenging scenarios and layouts
- Mix and match more than 60 different products and services to create the ultimate shopping paradise
- Expand their retail empire - tack on multi-theater cineplexes, build multiple levels, and control over 250 different types of stores
- Organize over 20 promotions and seasonal events such as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, haunted houses, and more
- Attract shoppers from miles around with more than 120 pieces of scenery such as kiddy rides, ATMs, trees, and more
- Research valuable product enhancements, compelling new promotions, and innovative mall improvements - upgrade security guards into security robots
- All the sights and sounds associated with real malls - mall walkers, mall punks, and the occasional supernatural event
- Capture the attention of everyone in their mall with mini golf courses, rock
concerts, and boat shows just to name a few
- Immerse themselves in the "Mall-Sim" experience with a variety of easy listening, jazz, and holiday music
- A vibrant 3D world provides a 360-degree rotating camera and multiple zoom levels to watch from a bird's eye view or focus in on all the excitement

For additional information on "Mall Tycoon," visit

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