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Pass the Cigars! Tropico: Paradise Island Ships

by Thomas on Feb. 6, 2002 @ 8:55 p.m. PST

Computer and video game publisher Gathering of Developers, a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., along with developer BreakAway Games, announces that "Tropico: Paradise Island," has shipped to stores nationwide. The game features additional scenarios, weather effects, and a whole new flock of tourists to line the pockets of El Presidente.

Grab Your Beach Towel and Pass the Cigars!


Gathering of Developers Releases Expansion Pack to Best-Selling "Tropico[TM]" Simulation

About "Paradise Island"
"Tropico: Paradise Island" is an expansion pack for "Tropico," an island building simulation based on a remote Caribbean paradise. As an all-powerful dictator, the player must create a life of prosperity and happiness for the island residents while secretly lining his own Swiss bank account. "Playboy" calls "Tropico" "one of the finest and most dangerously addictive gaming experiences of the year." "Computer Games Magazine" wrote in April 2001 that "Tropico" is "the perfect game to sit down with for a couple of hours, with a margarita in one hand and the mouse in the other."

With the expansion pack, the disastrous effects of tropical weather force players to contend with hurricanes, tropical storms, hoof and mouth disease and red tide. These disasters translate into both economic and human losses. Fragile buildings crumble, including homes, docks and bunkhouses. Crops are lost and morale decreases. As El Presidente, the player must restore the island's beauty and the people's faith in him.

Features of "Paradise Island" include:

- More than 20 new scenarios, with new tourism options and military challenges
- More than a dozen new building types, including El Presidente's Childhood Home, a Colonial Fort and a Duty-Free Shop
- New characters, including "Eco-Tourist" and "Spring Break Tourist," with boats catered to their personalities
- Upgrades and new edicts, such as a "World Geographic Special" that draws more Eco-Tourists, and a Social Security system to increase El Presidente's respect among voters
- New dictator attributes that allow ruthless rulers to lord over their specialized tourist meccas
- Over an hour of new music by the same award-winning composer (Daniel Indart) of the original "Tropico" soundtrack, which GameSpot awarded their "Best Music of 2001" award
- Game play enhancements, including full rotation of many buildings, a more powerful version of martial law, and faster construction

More information about "Tropico: Paradise Island" is available at

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