Metal Slug X - Facts and Screens

by Thomas on March 11, 2002 @ 7:18 p.m. PST

PlayStation gamers get a dose of all-out action to prove that pure, addictive gameplay doesn’t come at a price. If there's one reason the PlayStation 2 is backwards compatible, this is it. This May will see the release of Metal Slug X and the resurrection of classic arcade action on the PSone that will blow away the competition.

Metal Slug X on Sony's first console brings all of the critically acclaimed gameplay to PSone; six levels of intense old-school arcade shoot-'em-up action, humorous characters and a plethora of weapons of destruction including tanks, fighter planes and death-dealing camels to commandeer.

The PSone version has a couple of new surprises. A unique feature is the new Combat School mode with completely new levels to rampage through. Plus, once players have mastered the normal mode, you can unlock two new modes: Special Secret Mission and the Gallery. Better still, players can now team up with a mate for simultaneous two-player action.

Metal Slug X will hook diehard arcade nuts and win over new fans alike with its irresistible arcade gameplay. Metal Slug X will be distributed by Virgin Interactive for £19.99.


  • 6 Levels of intense old-school platform blasting.
  • 1 and 2-Player simultaneous action.
  • Four mad-cap heroes, each with their own personality.
  • Hundreds of hidden secrets!
  • Fiendish enemies and massive bosses.
  • A dazzling arsenal of weapons including heavy machine guns, shot guns, flame throwers, lasers and robo-dog launchers.
  • Capture and use four zany vehicles, each with their own different weapon systems. Camel, Tank (The Metal Slug), Jet, Robo-Suit, etc.
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