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'Kakuto Chojin' Announcement and Screens

by Thomas on March 13, 2002 @ 3:28 p.m. PST

Microsoft Game Studio announced today that Kakuto Chojin will make a North American appearance this fall on the Xbox video game system. Kakuto Chojin was originally announced last year as "Project KX."

Kakuto Chojin Heads to Xbox in North America

Advanced Fighting System Sets New Standard in Fighting Realism

Kakuto Chojin is a gritty street fighter with dark, edgy, and mysterious, battles that take place in dark alleys and rain-soaked rooftops. Combatants fight with raw emotion and use styles uniquely their own. There is nothing cute, comical, or cartoon-like about these battles. It's a life or death battle for survival. When a fighter strikes, the opponent will know it. Boasting an Advanced Fighting System, Kakuto Chojin offers players a completely different effect every time they spar. With cascading shadows, head snaps, flexing muscles and buckling legs, Kakuto Chojin immerses players in the dark, gritty underworld of street brawling. Kakuto Chojin is under development by Dream Publishing.

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