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BARBARIAN - Facts, Features & Screens

by Thomas on March 14, 2002 @ 1:12 p.m. PST

Wield an enormous chopper against scantily clad Amazons in the PlayStation 2's first four-player beat-'em-up. Live by the sword and die by the sword. Or be crushed by a bloody great stone pillar this June in Barbarian on PlayStation 2.

Inspired by the original chop-'em-up 8-Bit classic from the days of yore, Barbarian is frenetic melee of medieval proportions. Take control of one of eight warriors and wreak havoc in ten fantasy arenas, each of which look as if they could have been lifted directly from JRR Tolkien's imagination.

Each sprawling location provides players with an extra challenge of exploring a level while they belt opponents. They can throw enemies against temporary walls and boarded up doorways or drop down into new places to uncover new areas, each with their own unique hazards.

As players undertake a destructive mission to rid the land of evil, they can use their 3D environments to pummel their enemies. Fling rocks, chairs, dead bodies and even the odd swordfish in a quest to become the ultimate fighter.

Gamers can also utilise magic powers and attacks which are built up by successfully pulling off combination moves and counters. Each move imbues the fighter with a specific magic energy encouraging tactical battles, so they have to fight clever as well as fight hard to be victorious.

A non-linear storyline in the one player mode ensures that lone warriors will be challenged every bit as much they would engaging murderous real-life opponents. A unique RPG element has been included for good measure. As they win each fight the gamer will be awarded points with which to strengthen their warrior's attributes. Then, once suitably bolstered the player can transfer them into multi-player combat in the Versus mode.

If it's a massive multi-player rumble you're after, then look no further. Barbarian is published by Titus and distributed by Virgin Interactive this June.


  • Eight playable characters with one to unlock.
  • Ten massive, locations represented in all their fantasy glory
  • Select up to four players duke it out simultaneously
  • Add four AI thugs for up-to eight combatants on screen at the same time.
  • Unique RPG-style character development
  • Non-linear single player quest mode with unique story and thread for each character.
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