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Capcom vs SNK Pro For PlayStation - Facts & Screens

by Thomas on March 18, 2002 @ 12:55 p.m. PST

Capcom Eurosoft today confirmed it plans to publish Capcom vs SNK Pro for the PlayStation. The game is scheduled to be released this July throughout all PAL territories.


A follow up to the original arcade title, Capcom vs SNK Pro, pits 15 fighters from Capcom’s Streetfighter series against 15 from SNK’s King of Fighters and Fatal Fury games. Capcom favourites such as Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li can be chosen to battle against SNK’s Geese, Terry and Yuri amongst others.

Capcom vs SNK Pro’s Arcade mode features a novel point system which allows players to choose up to four characters to take into each bout. Each character is assigned a value from one to three points depending on their ability – Boss characters are valued at three with weaker fighters receiving two or just a single point. The player is allowed a points total of four meaning that they could select a Boss character plus a single point character, up to four single point characters or any combination that totals four points.

Other game play modes include: Pair Match mode, which in contrast to Arcade mode allows only two characters to be selected regardless of their point allocation. In Single Player mode points are earned for successful attacks while subtracted for sustaining damage and at the end of the bout these points can be used to purchase hidden characters or upgrade any of the 30 characters available from the outset.

All modes allow the players to select either the Capcom or SNK ‘Groove’ or fighting style regardless of which stable they come from. The SNK groove lets players charge their own power bar by pressing a combination of buttons, whereas with the Capcom groove the power bar fills after successful attacks. Once either bar is filled players can unleash their characters’ special moves. In addition, players can select Normal or Turbo play modes.

This feature-packed title also offers gamers the opportunity to view a gallery containing original artwork of all the characters and a colour edit mode where the look and costumes of the characters can be altered to suit players’ tastes.

David Miller, Marketing Director, Capcom Eurosoft commented: “Capcom vs SNK Pro once again confirms the ability of Capcom’s developers to produce the best 2D beat ‘em ups around and get the most out of the original PlayStation. This is a must-have game for any serious fighting fan.”

Capcom SNK Pro is due for release on PlayStation this July with a srp of £19.99. The title will carry an 11+ ELSPA rating.

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