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WWII Desert Rats Ships

by Thomas on March 18, 2002 @ 7:38 p.m. PST

Africa is lost if the Axis advancement succeeds in the Sahara Desert, and only one military unit stands in their way--the Desert Rats. Gamers can now join these WWII Allied heroes as a member of this hand-picked cadre of men in Elite Forces WWII Desert Rats from ValuSoft, a leading global publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment and productivity software.

ValuSoft Puts Gamers Behind the Wheel of Their Battle Jeep and in Control of Their Gunner in Elite Forces: WWII Desert Rats

Combat Driving Adventure Ships, Adding to Highly Successful Line of 3D War Games

By official government declaration these fighters didn't exist--their missions were denied by Allied commanders. Yet this small band of Special-Forces fighters was the only hope for victory in North Africa. Armed with an arsenal of authentic weapons including mounted machine guns, grenades and bazookas, players will battle through 12 massive levels. Success depends on having the most skilled gunner, and players will select from several soldiers to ride shotgun through each desert melee. Navigating the hostile terrain, gamers will fight off advancing air and ground troops while knocking out enemy munitions, raiding supply stockpiles and blowing up bridges critical to the opposition's mission. Only the best players may culminate their military service with the receipt of medals commemorating their desert victories and the rescue of their rescued comrade.

"This game is one of the first of its kind to challenge players on multiple levels--from both the driver and the gunner perspective," states Doug Clemmer, Chief Executive Officer of ValuSoft. "Our products give consumers a gaming experience not typically found at this price point," he continues, "and our customers obviously agree--our entire line of Elite Forces war games has sold nearly a half million units."

WWII Desert Rats is currently shipping and will be available at major computer software retail and mass merchant accounts for $19.99.

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