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Home Run KING For GameCube Released

by Thomas on March 20, 2002 @ 8:49 a.m. PST

Sega of America announced today the release of "Home Run KING"for the Nintendo GameCube. Arriving in time for the 2002 season, "Home Run KING" expertly recreates the look and feel of baseball while delivering pick-up and play controls and exciting Major League Baseball action. This fully licensed arcade winner includes every team, player, and stadium in incredible detail. Featuring tight fielding controls and fast-paced, arcade-style gameplay along with an intuitive pitching/hitting interface, "Home Run KING" creates a high-scoring slugfest that will have every gamer chanting "Going, Going, Gone!"


Includes Comprehensive Create-A-Player and Create-A-Team Modes to Customize Your Favorite Characters or All-Star Lineup

"'Home Run KING's' addictive gameplay will win the hearts of Nintendo GameCube owners once they grab their controllers and start slugging away," said Tom Nichols, director of sports marketing, Sega of America. "As Sega moves towards becoming a leading content publisher, we're focused on making games for everyone. Whether you're a baseball junkie or video game novice, 'Home Run KING' has something that will appeal to all gamers with its awesome gameplay, detailed graphics and easy to learn pitching/hitting interface."

With "Home Run KING's" pick-up-and-play controls, gamers can jump in and start swinging for the fences in no time. Optional auto fielding provides support for those gamers that want to focus on their slugging. And when the hitting game has been mastered, simply turn off the auto fielding for full manual control of the infield and outfield.

"Home Run KING" features authentic player models that are so real, their trademark batting stances and pitching styles are replicated down to the way they wiggle their bat and deliver their pitches. Players also show emotion through facial expressions, as errors are met with disgust and players smile big when they knock one out of the park. The ballparks in "Home Run KING" are designed to the exact specifications of their real-life counterparts, and real-time weather effects add to the game's convincing ambient atmosphere. Further accentuating the MLB experience is the in-game audio, which includes colorful play-by-play commentary and stadium chants from the stands -- even actual mascots walk around to incite crowd reaction.

"Home Run KING" features two custom modes that change the face of the game. The Create-A-Player mode allows gamers to mold a big league player in their own image, customizing everything from a character's hairstyle to their bat color. The Create-A-Team option allows gamers to create the ultimate baseball dream team and put them to work in the many different gameplay modes. Among the featured modes are Exhibition, Season, Playoffs and Home Run Derby*, all of which provide plenty of replay value.

Endorsed by Houston Astros' first baseman Jeff Bagwell, who appears on the cover of the game, "Home Run KING" is available at retailers nationwide for $49.95. The game is rated "E" for everyone.

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