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GB Airports - Features & Screens

by Thomas on March 20, 2002 @ 9:43 a.m. PST

Take 12 of the best... the best of British that is, for Flight Simulator 2002.. Just Flight just send us some screens and game features from their addon GB Airports. Check it out below!

Aberdeen * Birmingham * East Midlands * Edinburgh * Gatwick * Glasgow * Heathrow * London City * Luton * Manchester * Newcastle * Stansted - brand new airport scenery for the world's favourite sim

While Flight Simulator just gets better and better (and the latest 2002 version especially offers so much), it still seems that Britain's airports are still lacking in the detail that British simmers crave in their virtual flights.

Recreated in exacting detail this upgrade for both Flight Simulator 2000 and Flight Simulator 2002 provides the realistic scenery that simmers have been clamouring for!

Each airport features accurate runways, helipads and taxiways - all with hold lines, CAT and ID signage and night lighting. Off the apron, new buildings abound with accurately placed radar towers, office buildings, car parks and more. All of this with amazing new ground vehicles and even radio-controlled refuelling at the pier!

At less than £2.00 per airport, this expansion is unbeatable value. Especially when you consider all the features that each new airport brings with it:

  • Accurate runways (custom textured with skid marks) and helipads
  • Accurate runway Approach and Touch Down Zone markings and lights (lights are active runway sensitive)
  • All taxiways accurately placed and sized with lines and night lighting
  • Car parks - both outdoor and multi-storey
  • All airport hangars and major office buildings included
  • All piers shown with gates and air bridges
  • Night lighting on all buildings that should have it and flood lighting gantries for aprons
  • ILS, VDF, NDB, VOR and Radar Towers all shown
  • Most airports have gate guidance, AGNIS/PAPA, APIS, or even a friendly marshaller!
  • Windsocks
  • Hold Lines, CAT I, CAT II/III and ID signs (with terminal/area signs on the reverse where applicable)
  • ATIS
  • Wind sensitive windsocks (UK type)
  • Radio-controlled refuelling at all piers on frequency 121.60 MHz (tune into that frequency on COM1 when you are at the gate and you will be refuelled from the underground refuelling bays)

All this for less than £20 - not just for one airport, but for all 12! Move right over to the first class and check in at to find out more.

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