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NCsoft Announces Lineage II

by Thomas on March 21, 2002 @ 9:03 a.m. PST

NCsoft Corporation, the world's largest independent online game company, today announced Lineage II, the prequel to the most popular online game in the world. With more than four million subscribers and 330 thousand concurrent users, Lineage set the standard for subscription-based online games. Lineage II promises to advance the world of Lineage by adding an amazing array of features, graphics, gameplay, fantasy and depth.

Powered by the Epic Games' Unreal Engine, Prequel to World's Most Popular Online Game to Feature Advanced 3D Graphics and New Game Structure

Placing gamers in an entirely new online world, Lineage II will feature state-of-the-art 3D graphics, powered by the latest Unreal technology from Epic Games. The graphics are among the most ambitious visuals ever attempted in an online game and will allow players to be further immersed in the fantasy world that is filled with a new set of adventures, interactions and challenges.

The game, set 150 years prior to Lineage, will also feature an easy-to-learn interface, an intuitive game structure, a variety of classes, and a new focus on group battle. In addition, politics, economics and morals play crucial roles in Lineage II.

"Lineage is the most popular online game in the world because players are captivated by the game's core gameplay elements," says Richard Garriott, executive producer at NCsoft's Austin, Texas office. "Lineage II will provide players with truly state of the art gameplay and visuals, while maintaining the feel and excitement of the original."

"Epic eyes the Korean marketplace with great interest," said Jay Wilbur of Epic Games. "We are especially delighted to be working with NCsoft, Korea's foremost massively multiplayer game developer, as a licensee of our Unreal Engine for use in the prequel to their smash hit game Lineage."

The concepts of sieges and pledges will be carried over from Lineage, however the sieges in Lineage II will take place in a full 3D environment. This new form of battle will allow players to develop and implement new strategies and tactics. The pledge will remain the base of society in the game, and Lineage II will expand on the concept by adding a pledge chatting channel, a more robust safe house system and a dedicated pledge homepage.

Further details of Lineage II, including screen shots, character descriptions and an FAQ are available at

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