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Xbox Tools and Middleware License

by Thomas on March 21, 2002 @ 3:05 p.m. PST

Zona, Inc., the Massive Multi-Player Online Game (MMOG) server and network solution provider, today is announcing that the company has joined the Microsoft Corporation Xbox Tools & Middleware Program for MMOG middleware development. The Xbox Tools & Middleware License gives Zona, Inc. the right to develop an Xbox version of Terazona, the highly scalable, secure, fault-tolerant, total server and network solution for Xbox online games. Terazona is capable of supporting tens of thousands of users on a server and drastically lessens the time-to-market for online game developers.

Xbox License Intensifies Zona, Inc. Distribution of MMOG Total Server And Network Solution

``Xbox is the only console that can bring online Massively multiplayer gaming to the living room,'' states Montgomery Singman, CEO of Zona, Inc. ``Currently, there are more publishers creating online games for Xbox than employees that originally engineered the console itself.''

``Xbox is the only console with a built in hard drive and broadband capabilities making it the only serious console for online developers,'' said Drew Angeloff, Xbox Tools Program Manager. ``Terazona will give Xbox developers a technically sound head start when developing massively multiplayer online games.''

Using the Zona, Inc. MMOG server and network solution Terazona(TM), video game developers will be able to focus on enhancing the game play experience and no longer be forced to spend time and money on network, server, infrastructure, and operational issues. Within one online game, Terazona, with its advanced distributed network architecture, can support 32,000 users vs. a maximum of 4,500 users on competing systems. Zona's Application Framework provides a thin-client solution that has a high emphasis on scalability, fault-tolerance, network security, cost-efficiency, short time-to-market, and high quality of services required by most MMOG applications.

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