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Sony and BAM! Entertainment Expand

by Thomas on March 21, 2002 @ 3:10 p.m. PST

BAM! Entertainment today announced that it will publish futuristic racer WipEout Fusion and 3D action adventure Dropship: United Peace Force for the PlayStation 2. This expanded relationship with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe enables BAM! Entertainment to bring the games to the North American market this summer. Just last month, BAM! announced that it will bring North America the critically acclaimed racing title WRC: World Rally Championship for PlayStation 2.

BAM! Continues to Bring European PS 2 Titles to North America

``We are delighted to confirm that we are expanding our publishing deal with BAM! Entertainment, who have demonstrated focus, energy and commitment to driving the PS2 and its superb range of software titles to the North American market. The WipEout/ Dropship agreement underlines our confidence in BAM! Entertainment as a valued and trusted publishing partner and we look forward to working together with them,'' said Phil Harrison, Senior Vice President of Development, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

``Given the impact the WipEout series had on the original PlayStation, and the positive editorial reviews for Dropship, these titles are highly anticipated games on the PS2,'' said Bernard Stolar, President and Chief Operating Officer of BAM! Entertainment. ``Once again the development team at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe offers the North American market superb content, stunning graphics and challenging gameplay.''

The cult anti gravity racer, WipEout Fusion, has received rave reviews since its release in the European market last month and is providing the fastest and most adrenaline-pumping complete racing experience on any gaming system. With 45 futuristic race circuits to negotiate, players can corkscrew, jump, barrel roll and loop like never before. The game has significant new features including super-enhanced tracks, ships and weaponry, improved ship and pilot A.I. and six playing modes (including revised arcade mode, a full league option and an elimination and a secret zone mode).

With WipEout Fusion, the WipEout brand again redefines the benchmark for high-speed, high-intensity, sensory overload racing. WipEout Fusion comes complete with a backdrop of cutting-edge dance soundtracks from some of the world's most acclaimed electronic music artists such as Orbital, Plump DJs and Timo Maas. Visit the official WipEout Fusion PS 2 web site.

Dropship: United Peace Force is an explosive combat experience that takes gamers to the year 2050 where the United Nations and NATO have been replaced by the United Peacekeeping Force. Freshly recruited to the ranks, players must utilize a range of futuristic, super high-tech ground and air combat vehicles to combat a new, deadly menace and unravel a political plot that threatens world peace.

Dropship's unique gameplay is a new take on the action genre, where every tactical decision influences the success of the mission. With the aid of a co-pilot, players can fly, drive and storm their way through huge, photo-realistic combat zones, launching assaults on enemy targets while political intrigue plays itself out in a frighteningly realistic plot. Visit the Dropship: United Peace Force PlayStation 2 web site at

For more information on WipEout Fusion and Dropship: United Peace Force for PS2, or any BAM! products, visit their website

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