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'NVIDIA' & 'Sony' Partner To Drive Online Gaming

by Thomas on March 21, 2002 @ 3:15 p.m. PST

NVIDIA Corporation today announced that it is working closely with Sony Online Entertainment, Inc. to optimize two upcoming online games developed by Sony Online Entertainment. Star Wars Galaxies, to be published by LucasArts, and PlanetSide will be among the first wave of games optimized for NVIDIA's GeForce4 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), resulting in a gaming experience rich in crisp 3D graphics, unique visual effects and some of the most realistic, life-like images ever seen in an online game.

Star Wars Galaxies and PlanetSide Are Among First Wave of New Games Optimized For GeForce4 Series of Graphics Processors

Eager to take advantage of the new GeForce4 GPU, Sony Online Entertainment has also optimized its newest expansion pack, EverQuest®: The Shadows of Luclin(TM). When powered by GeForce4, the fantasy world comes to life in amazing detail with rich 3D environments and realistic character animations at unmatched frame rates, further underscoring the benefit to gamers looking for the ultimate online experience.

``With technologies continuing to expand and gamers demanding more out of their computer systems, we're excited to be teaming with the leader in graphics to ensure that our online worlds are experienced in the best possible way,'' said Scott McDaniel, vice president of marketing, Sony Online Entertainment. ``The NVIDIA GeForce4 is the most powerful graphics processor currently available and will make it possible for gamers to truly experience the creative vision of our designers.''

Available now, the GeForce4 is the most complete family of graphics solutions -- from the ferocious graphics power of the GeForce4 Ti, the world's fastest GPU; to the multi-display flexibility of the mainstream GeForce4 MX; to the most advanced mobile graphics available, the GeForce4 Go. Games designed to take advantage of the GeForce4 feature set are able to deliver delivers unprecedented levels of real-time character animation. With three times the Vertex Shader geometry power and a significant increase in Pixel Shader performance over previous-generation GPUs, the GeForce4 Ti ensures developers have the graphics horsepower required to create previously unimaginable effects.

``Sony Online re-invented the online role-playing genre with EverQuest and is set to do it again with Star Wars Galaxies and PlanetSide,'' said Dan Vivoli, vice president of marketing at NVIDIA. ``We see this as a great opportunity to work more closely with Sony Online Entertainment to ensure current and future games run their absolute best on NVIDIA hardware.''

As part of their efforts to work more closely together, NVIDIA is providing Sony Online Entertainment with early versions of new hardware and drivers, training support and testing resources. The two companies will also plan to work together on marketing and promotional efforts for the EverQuest game franchise and PlanetSide, and throughout the development process of Star Wars Galaxies.

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