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Operation Blockade Announced

by Thomas on March 21, 2002 @ 11:00 p.m. PST

Combining the non-stop action of an arcade game with the noted plug-and-play appeal of its military shooters, Infogrames, Inc. today announced Operation Blockade for the PC. Scheduled for this spring, Operation Blockade provides both a single and multiplayer cooperative mode, as well as a pulse-pounding 360-degree field of fire.

Infogrames Unfurls an Explosive Arsenal of Arcade Action With Operation Blockade; Military Shooter Offers Waves of Frenetic Firepower

``By enabling players to jump quickly into the action without needing to become a tactical genius, we've availed our games to a much wider mainstream audience,'' said Dennis Davidson, marketing manager of Infogrames' Minneapolis label. ``By maintaining military authenticity, we simultaneously broaden that reach to the dedicated player as well.''

After the Great War, tensions rise and an assault on your homeland ensues. The enemy has swept ashore and is bent on conquering your tiny nation. You parachute onto a tiny island with the mission of interdicting passing enemy supply ships and troop transports, preventing the invading force from subjugating your country.

Featuring a variety of vintage weaponry from the era, in Operation Blockade you earn more advanced weaponry as you progress through the game. This is critical as time continues towards the latter half of the decade, a military build-up and the next battle storm. Facing you are air, land and sea forces that rival those of any nation. Carriers and their deadly assortment of fighter-attack planes and bombers; paratroopers, PT boats, submarines and landing craft all set out to eradicate your small blocking force.

Special missions appear throughout the game and a cooperative multiplayer mode enhances your ability to engage troops on multiple fronts.

Developed by Screaming Games, Operation Blockade for PC is due this spring.

About Screaming Games

Based in the sunny Sonora desert in Anthem, Ariz., Screaming Games LLC works with partners around the world to produce games in multiple genres from children's titles and simulations to war games and first person adventures. The Company has developed games for both PC and hand-held devices and is preparing for future titles on additional platforms. Screaming Games specializes in games for the mass market based on either the Company's original concepts or licensed intellectual property. For more information, visit the Company's website

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