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Game On Exhibition

by Thomas on March 26, 2002 @ 12:16 p.m. PST

Anyone who thinks that computer and video games are a "low brow" form of entertainment should think again, says ELSPA. The trade body for the UK interactive leisure software sector believes that a forthcoming major exhibition, Game On, which examines the history and cultural impact of computer and video games, will open the eyes of many people to the influence of games on popular culture and fine art. The exhibition will be held at the Barbican Gallery in London (16 May - 15 September) and the Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh (October 2002 - February 2003).

Barbican Exhibition Will Confirm the Cultural Significance of Video Gaming and the Global Significance of the "Britsoft" Phenomenon

Roger Bennett, Director General of ELSPA, says:

"As an entertainment medium, we in the games industry have perhaps been hiding our light for far too long. Many people, including some avid gamers, are not aware of the huge influence of video games on other art and entertainment media. There is a vast swathe of the public who appreciate fine art and culture but who would never dream that video games fit into this niche. This exhibition will blow away all those preconceptions."

In terms of national significance, the UK should be proud of its role in shaping this most dynamic of entertainment and art forms believes Roger Bennett:

"Undoubtedly, the UK is the powerhouse of games development in Europe and is up there with Japan and the US in terms of the creativity of the games we develop here.

Global blockbuster games, such as Harry Potter, Grand Theft Auto, the Tony Hawk's skateboard series and of course Tomb Raider are all British produced games.

"There has been a great deal of flag waving previously for the British film industry and for BritPop and BritArt. Now it is time to recognise BritSoft. The UK computer and video games industry is alive and kicking and of global significance. It is something that we as a nation should celebrate and I believe the Game On exhibition provides exactly the right forum to do just that."

The Game On exhibition has been produced by the Barbican Gallery's resident curator Conrad Bodman and guest curator, Lucien King, in collaboration with the National Museums of Scotland. After the Barbican Gallery, Game On will travel to the Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh and then to venues in Europe, America and Japan (full details to be announced).

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