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Online Worms

by Thomas on March 4, 2002 @ 1:44 p.m. PST

Team 17's forthcoming OnlineWorms game is already being hailed a phenomenal success in Korea, with over one million registered members having signed up at for beta testing duties. A pre-release version of the game has been available in Korea since Mid-December and with up to 25,000 new members signing up daily! Team 17 is now predicting 1,200,000 members by the end of February.

Britsoft's Game Franchise takes Korea by Storm

OnlineWorms is the first totally online outing for the best-selling series, and has been specifically developed in Korea, tailored for the Asia Pacific markets. Team 17 partnered last year with Wizgate, one of the top 3 on-line games companies in Korea. With 20,000 simultaneous users playing on-line at anytime more servers are being put in-place as quickly as possible to cope with the demand.

Korea is the perfect place to start the roll-out of the game and will also work as a test bed centre before rolling out into other territories, China and Taiwan will be next. At this time there are no plans to launch the title in Europe or the US but Team 17 are monitoring both markets closely.

"These figures are absolutely incredible, and it's great to see a British game doing so well in what is a very tough market to break into," enthused Team 17's Commercial Director, Debbie Bestwick. "Wizgate have done a fantastic job of adapting and altering the game to suit their market and the success is not only a reflection on what we know is a great game, but a credit to the Korean team".

Son, Seung Chul, the CEO of Wizgate Corp. said "Worms is one of those very rare and unique games that works incredibly well on-line and we look forward to building our relationship with Team 17 to grow the franchise on-line in our territories" he also added "We thought it may take a little time for Korean gamers to get used to the gameplay as the game is much deeper than it first appears but we have been amazed by the uptake"

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