Everblue (PS2) - Facts and Screens

by Thomas on March 5, 2002 @ 10:34 a.m. PST

Capcom Eurosoft today confirmed it will be publishing Everblue for the PlayStation 2 entertainment system this Spring. Developed by Arika, the creators of the incredibly successful Streetfighter franchise, Everblue is an adventure game with a unique twist.


Taking the role of Leonardo, a novice undersea diver, the challenge for players is to explore and discover the magic and mysteries of the Daedalus Sea and ultimately find the treasure that has haunted your family for generations.

Starting on dry land it isn't long before players will be donning scuba gear and exploring the sea bed for buried treasure. On returning from each dive gamers can sell any recovered items to traders in a local town and use the funds to purchase upgrades to their diving gear. This will allow dives to last longer and reach greater depths thereby expanding the area that can be explored and the potential to discover greater treasures amongst coral reefs and sunken ships. Interaction with the inhabitants of the town will also provide specific information about the location of treasure and the opportunity to undertake missions set by them.

In Everblue the player's main aim may be to discover buried treasure, but it is sometimes easy to just gaze at the beauty of the ocean and the myriad of marine life which the developers have so faithfully recreated. To this end, Everblue contains a free swim mode where players can dive at their leisure taking in the aquatic surroundings and even taking pictures which can be stored in an in-game album. If the photographs are deemed good enough by the town's resident photographer players will receive special bonuses.

"Everblue is a truly unique title for PlayStation 2," commented David Miller, Marketing Director, Capcom Eurosoft. "Not only is it the first diving adventure game on the system, but its mixture of adventure and RPG elements combined with the attention to detail of the underwater scenes give it wide-reaching appeal."

Everblue game features -

  • Realistic underwater setting - the feeling of scuba diving has been accurately reproduced.
  • Mixture of adventure and RPG - when players are not in the water they can interact with the town's inhabitants, trading bounty and discovering the myths to the locations of hidden treasures.
  • Non-linear gameplay - in addition to the main story, sub-scenarios will open up as players receive missions from the town's inhabitants.
  • Catalogue your adventures - use the photography feature to record incidents and marine life
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