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Harrier Jump Jet 2002 - Facts and Screens

by Thomas on March 7, 2002 @ 11:00 a.m. PST

An amazing expansion to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000/2002 or Combat Flight Simulator 2. Back in 1982, this remarkable aircraft was a decisive weapon in the defence of the Falklands in the war with Argentina.

Falklands War Campaign - 20th Anniversay (1982-2002)

Previously released to critical acclaim and sales success last year, Just Flight have updated this popular pack with FS2002 compatibility and added in a new Super Etendard aircraft and great scenery of RNAS Yeovilton too.

Plus, if jetting around the Falklands in search of Koo Stark is not your thing, then there are over 15 different world-wide variants of the Harrier included, from America to India!


Includes 23 aircraft, realistic Falklands scenery and Combat Missions (CFS/CFS2 only)

  • 17 Harrier variants - from prototype to twin-seat demonstrator to the latest single-seater versions, each is recreated in high-tech detail. Carefully designed flight models give both authenticity and flyability with true VSTOL abilities! Bonus aircraft allow you to fly the Sea King helicopter and Argentinean opposition in the South Atlantic too. Now includes Super Entendard aircraft!
  • Fully animated and beautifully textured - using the very latest techniques with gear, control surfaces and even the rotating jet nozzles on the Harrier moving smoothly and accurately.
  • Authentic panels - each aircraft features a stunning cockpit environment with functioning gauges and six different Harrier panel types represented!
  • They sound as good as they look too! - custom sound sets bring the roar of the jets, thump of the 30mm cannon or thud of the Sea King's rotors to life.
  • Falklands Islands scenery - provides elevated mesh terrain, custom textures and a huge array of objects. From Stanley to Goose Green and Pebble Island you'll find aircraft, AA guns, SAM launchers, buildings, tents and vehicles. Plus RAF Cottesmore and new RNAS Yeovilton air bases!
  • Warships ahoy - test your short take-offs and landings from the highly detailed HMS Invincible, itself part of a four-ship battle group. Plus frigates, destroyers, supply ships and even static aircraft on the decks.
  • Falklands Campaign for Combat fans! - 20 missions recreate those tense days of conflict for both sides in the South Atlantic. Based on actual events, right down to the time of day, missions include interception, ground attack and anti-shipping. You'll come under ferocious AA fire from ships and artillery - there's even a simulated SAM launcher - and if your Harrier makes it back in one piece, there's still the challenge of a deck landing at the end of the mission!


Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000, 2002, Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator or Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2

Pentium II 266 PC · Windows 95/98/2000/XP · 32 Mb RAM · 141 Mb Hard drive space for Flight Simulator 2000/2002 installation · 76 Mb Hard drive space for Combat Flight Simulator installation · CD-ROM Drive · Sound Card

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