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by Thomas on March 7, 2002 @ 11:16 a.m. PST

Two years in the making and including an exclusive behind the cabin door documentary with British airline, Go, this is a life changing experience... well maybe not quite. But it is without doubt the most complex and realistic aircraft simulation yet seen running in the multi-million selling Microsoft Flight Simulator series.

Greatest Airliners: 737-400 Special Edition - PC CD-ROM plus VHS video

The world's most popular airliner - simulated in incredible detail

An amazing expansion to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000/2002.

Created to let you experience and learn about the most popular commercial jet airliner ever made, almost nothing has been overlooked.

Have you heard the pilot ready the flight crew for takeoff? Or seen the sun glisten through the passenger cabin during a late afternoon flight? These are just a couple of the features that you will experience. Greatest Airliners: 737-400 is one of those rare packages that has captured it all.

With so many things do or see, this product will keep you busy, and flying, for hours.

It's the Greatest and that's official!

This package has already received's Platinum Award for excellence and this is what Andrew Herd at wrote recently:

"Do I like it? You bet. After you fly the DreamFleet 737 I guarantee that you will not want to use the default 737 ever again… there is no doubt that it is the best 737 available… this 737 is as unique as any one that you might step into at an airport near you. Given the huge choice of free liveries, there really isn't any excuse for not buying it."

Comments from other key publications include:

"probably the best virtual representation you'll find" 4 out of 5, PC Pilot Magazine

"this is one add-on you simply have to get" 4 out of 5,

"WOW! That's about all I can say about this software… I would rate this as a 10 out of 10"


Join Go on a round trip from London Stansted to Lisbon on a brand new 737-300

This incredible documentary-style programme grants you the rare privilege of sitting on the flight deck of a commercial airliner on a return trip of an actual passenger-carrying flight!

Perhaps the best digital recordings ever, will let you see the take-off and landings first hand at both airports, while in flight you'll be given an extensive tour of the flight deck with a detailed look at systems such as the FMC, engines and EFIS.

Hear ATC in digital stereo for the flights and follow the checklists as you discover the features of the B737-300 in this multi-camera extravaganza.


A Cockpit like no other!

This cockpit is not just an ordinary cockpit. Instead of simply using the cockpit to tell you what is happening in front of you, this cockpit is designed to be put around you. And it does not stop there as you can actually look over the photo-realistic wing views and experience the flight from the passenger perspective.

Take a look at these features:

Ultra-realistic graphics created from high-resolution digital photographs.

Proper "pilot's perspective" from the main panel. You are not sitting in the jumpseat!

Complete cockpit interior views, along with aircraft cabin, seat, and left and right wing views. You can be pilot and passenger with our 737!

Highly functional, authentic instrumentation, including functional overhead panel, center console, throttle quadrant, and much, more.

Complete APU and engine start procedures possible. Fuel, Electrical, and pressurization controls can all be set, as on the real 737. You can even test the Cockpit Voice Recorder, turn on the Window Heat, set the temperature in the cabin, and activate the windshield wiper!

Complete EFIS system with Flight Director, moving map, and 7 modes of operation, as on the real 737.

Highly realistic AFDS with FMA (Autopilot Flight Director System, Flight Mode Annunciator).

Detailed and realistic MCP (Mode Control Panel).

Sophisticated Flight Management Computer (FMC), with built in navigational data base, help files, and audio tutorials. The FMC is also a separate program that can be run outside of Flight Simulator, in order to make learning to use it easier.

GPWS (Ground Proximity Warning System).

Master Caution Annunciation System

Flap Load Relief System (an option on the real 737)

Functional Audio Selector panel.

Complete cockpit night lighting, including 4 modes of night lighting on the main instrument panel, and three on the Overhead Panel and Center Console.

Novel "AFAS", Automatic Flight Announcement System that allows the user to play pre-recorded pilot and flight attendant announcements to the passengers. Announcements can even be re-recorded by the user in their own voice / language. PLUS NEW for FS2002, includes TCAS so you can track and avoid other virtual traffic!

The Aircraft Model

The aircraft carries much of the same when it comes to features. Designed by one of the best and most well known aircraft designers, Terry Hill went all out in this aircraft. Check out what is included:

Highly detailed, 32-sided 737-400 aircraft model, featuring complete, modelled 3D interior, with seats, passengers, overhead luggage bins, and a detailed cockpit with pilots.

Detailed and realistic MCP (Mode Control Panel).

Asynchronous strobe lights, and external night lighting.

Detailed textures, including over 30 popular airline liveries NOW INCLUDING over 80 popular airline liveries on CD-ROM.

Authentic 737 engine sounds by Mike Hambly, recorded from a real 737 with CFM engines.

Load Master Elite

Is your afternoon flight loaded with business travellers, or is it a weekend flight filled with tourists and their luggage. Included is the load manager called Load Master Elite.

Load Master Elite allows you to set the weight and load-out specifications for your flight in a point and click environment. You decide what types of seating arrangement the aircraft will have (you can even configure the loading to all first class). Cargo loading is also decided by you. Then with the click of a button, your aircraft is set with the load specifications and you are ready to fly!

Design your own liveries!

Have you ever wanted to design your own paint schemes? We make this easy with Text-o-Matic. We give you the templates to use, you do the design, and Text-o-Matic will apply all the night lighting and fine aircraft details, and then automatically create your aircraft. You can even share your designs with other pilots with the Greatest Airliners product......there are now over 200 in all available. PLUS NEW FS2002 Text-o-Matic feature allows aircraft callsign assignment!

Extensive Documentation

The documentation is very deep and complete. Not only do you get audio tutorials and in-flight help with the FMC, included is a printed 80+ page "Quick Start" manual that will get you up in the air quickly with a full understanding of what to do. It even includes guidance from a real 737 First Officer.

As a special bonus is a further 200+ page aircraft operations manual included on the CD-ROM in the popular PDF format. This is the one for those who have a 737-400 in their garage!


Please note that this is an advanced application and requires an adequately specified system to get the best results.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 Standard or Professional Edition OR Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 Standard or Professional Edition - Pentium II 400MHz PC - Windows 95/98/ME/XP - 64 Mb RAM - 16 Mb 3D graphics accelerator card - 200 Mb Hard drive space - CD-ROM drive - Sound card

PAL VHS video player required for playback of included video

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