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007 Agent Under Fire Goes Gold

by Thomas on March 7, 2002 @ 12:21 p.m. PST

Electronic Arts' James Bond in... Agent Under Fire has passed Nintendo's Q/A and is on schedule to ship March 12 for the Nintendo GameCube! The Xbox version is slated to hit shelves in late March.

Agent Under Fire for the Nintendo GameCube and Xbox follow closely on the heels of the PlayStation 2 version, which shipped in November of 2001. The newest versions, in addition to taking advantage of the hardware of the new platforms, will feature AI bots in the multiplayer mode. Players will also have the option of selecting a difficulty setting before each mission.

Agent Under Fire represents the complete Bond experience. Utilizing a completely original single player storyline and with all new characters, the game immerses the player in the 007 universe by incorporating action, driving and stealth, mixed with a healthy dose of girls, gadgets and guns.

Agent Under Fire features 12 single player levels in settings throughout the globe. As Bond, the player must prevent the evil Malprave from taking over the world with cloning technology. To accomplish this, the player must use their wits and guile to stop the ultimate criminal mastermind, save the world... and get the girl! In addition, Agent Under Fire supports up to four players in intense split screen action on the Nintendo GameCube and Xbox and also via the PlayStation 2's multitap accessory.

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