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Scorpion Knock Out Announced

by Thomas on April 10, 2002 @ 4:17 p.m. PDT

WildTangent, Inc., pioneering the Interactive Broadcast Games industry, announced today in cooperation with NIKE, Inc., the release of a retail quality online game as a key element of Nike's Global "Secret Tournament." The game, starring 24 of the world's best soccer players, is live at

WildTangent's technology and development studio were selected for its proprietary platform, the Web Driver(TM), and its proven ability to design and distribute CD-ROM quality games that can be broadcasted to global Internet users, regardless of connection speed. The Web Driver provides the ability to rapidly create a console-like game experience in a web page and deliver it to narrowband and broadband users alike, using powerful compression and streaming technology.

"Players will be able to experience a fully interactive 3D game from Nike's web site broadcasted directly into their homes," said Alex St. John, CEO and co-founder of WildTangent. "This will be the largest and richest broadcast gaming experience in history."

About Scorpion Knock Out

Scorpion Knock Out was developed in cooperation with the web developer FramFab Denmark. In the game, sports enthusiasts can play online and challenge friends or the top overall scorers while competing for prizes, or download the offline version. They enter Scorpion Knock Out by selecting their three-man dream team from 24 of the world's most brilliant soccer players. Players will be immersed into Nike's secret tournament as they train their team through five games of drills or opt to jump into tournament play. Skill training includes practicing special moves (like the Scorpion kick and Bicycle kick) and training your players in four skills, allowing them to improve over time. The better trained your individual players are, the better they'll perform when it counts at tournament time.

The four skills are speed, accuracy, power and control. To gain speed, players must collect as many Scorpion tokens as possible in 3 minutes while dribbling the ball through an obstacle course. For accuracy, players need to hit as many targets as possible during the allotted time. To build control, players must dribble and score goals while being blocked by opponents; and to gain power, knock down several targets with the ball. Player's skill levels range from 0 to 20 points. 80 is the maximum skill level for each player for a maximum of 240 per team.

In the Scorpion Knock Out tournament, players can play friendly matches or take on the latest challengers. You can play for points to see who will climb the hi-score ladders found at Survive and you can win great prizes. The more points you earn, the tougher your opponent. Your opponent will be controlled by the computer and will play at the level to which the competitor has trained his or her team. Prizes include an autographed Geo Chrome Ball, exclusive secret tournament Scorpion t-shirts and the grand prize -- the Ultimate Nike soccer Gear Pack.

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About WildTangent

WildTangent,, the leading provider of Broadcast Games(TM) technology, enables the creation and distribution of interactive, online games that can be subsidized through TV-like methods such as advertising, pay-to-play, subscriptions, etc. Selected as one of Computerworld's Top 100 Emerging Companies for 2002, WildTangent's Web Driver(TM) technology provides unprecedented performance on a web page by interfacing directly with DirectX. The Web Driver takes full advantage of 3D hardware acceleration, scaling content to an optimal level, allowing users to experience the same quality of graphics regardless of their CPU and connection. WildTangent currently has more than 20 million active Web Driver users and is broadcasting advertising and fee based games across the largest portals, ISPs and PC makers.

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