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PC Review: Moraff's Maximum Mahjongg 2

by Patrick on April 11, 2002 @ 7:43 p.m. PDT

Moraff's Maximum Mahjongg is more than just tiles. Match up objects like spheres, rings, photos, letters, blocks and more. In fact, there are over 200 unique tilesets to choose from, and you can even make more of your own!. With over 125 layouts, 1000 background and even 40 cursors to choose from, every game will be a new experience with a fresh new theme. Find out what the verdict was...
First I must admit I have never been a fan of Mah-jongg games. We have never played such board games in my family and my focus concerning PC games has always been on adventure games.

So there I stood, opening a package from Global Star Software and it contained "Moraff's Maximum Mahjongg Volume 2". Now I could say that I instantly started playing but either I am terrible stupid (No need for mailing any answers, I received enough laughs from my fellow writers) or lack of concentration because I got stuck right away.

But with a bit of instructions from a friend of mine who apparently has spend more time with his family than in front of the computer I finally got started.

To each set of new tiles you are also able to hear new calm music, I use the word calm because I got stuck (Yes again and Yet again) and if it would have been hyper-techno music I suspect my computer would be leaving my office out through the window.

If you are familiar with majhonng games you will have no problems getting started and with the 125 layouts, 1000 background and 40 cursors to choose from I suspect you will be satisfied. Even to a beginner this isn't too hard to get involved with and don't get surprised if the time just spins away and You missed both lunch, dinner and anything else, because you just has to finish this last game, and maybe the one after that one and what just maybe…

If you one of those people who dont mind playing a little game when you should be working and has grown tired on your old mah-jongg game I strongly suggest you buy this one. If your boss enters your office you can easily just ALT-TAB your way out into that boring job you supposed to finish. And since this is a no violence game it is a good recommendation for you with younger children.

Did I mention there is also a cheat option for this game? :-)

For additional information visit the Global Stars homepage.

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