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Cultures 2 - Features

by Thomas on April 12, 2002 @ 11:25 a.m. PDT

Cultures 2 is due for an April 26th (which means SOON) release. Jowood just let us know some of the games features in case you simply didnt know or are living in some cave. We'll bring you more on Cultures 2 as it comes in.

After the exciting adventures in Cultures- The Discovery of Vinland, the Vikings are on the march again in Cultures 2. It is the end of the first millennium and Bjarni the lead character has a vision, he sees himself battling with three unknown figures against a terrifying snake and fighting to save the world. Bjarni travels to Europe in search of answers. During his travels, he meets the brave Franconians, the technologically superior Byzantines and the mystical Saracens. The goal of the game is to unite these three groups and then to go fight the final battle with the snake.

Cultures 2 gives the player a chance to play god and have complete control over everything in Bjarni's world. There are many modifications to the original title making Cultures 2 a far superior game and giving the gamer much more control. The military system has been dramatically improved, meaning the Vikings will defend themselves and act far more intelligent in critical situations. They will run away when faced with an opponent thought to be too strong and stay and fight if they have a chance of victory. More weapon systems with several kinds of armour have been introduced and the player can equip each Viking with weaponry individually, making the Vikings much more versatile.

Players must embark on missions in order to interpret Bjarnis mysterious vision. The player can decide which is the best way to accomplish each mission. For example, Bjarnis may need the technology that another village has. In order to get what is needed the player can choose to train all his Vikings to become soldiers and kill all the villagers or offer the villagers goods to trade for the technology.

A further unique feature of Cultures 2 is the pickup items. These items can be found on the map, traded or received as a reward. The pick up items have some amazing magical properties. For example, technology scrolls release new technologies, treasures contain money, and a ghost in a bottle lets the players build any building immediately and for free.

Managing Director of JoWooD Productions UK Ltd, Vip Patel said: "The characters and storyline are first rate, the Cultures world has come a long way since the release of the first title and Cultures 2 will be a huge success offering some fantastic features."

Cultures 2 features:

Highly detailed environment with varied landscapes provide a beautiful setting for the Vikings to live

Popular and beautifully animated characters draw the player into Bjarni's world

Each character has its own personality and desires, stunning artwork and smooth, detailed animation allows their personalities to shine through.

Cultures 2 has a RRP of £29.99 and will be available in May 2002.

JoWooD Productions UK Ltd. of Harrow, Middlesex, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Austria-based JoWooD Productions Software AG, a publicly traded company on the Vienna Stock Exchange, which is rapidly establishing itself as a leading force in the video games industry. Its strategy is to identify, develop and publish internationally competitive, high-quality entertainment software for all existing next-generation gaming platforms. JoWooD Productions has in-house development facilities in Vienna and Ebensee, Austria and a fast growing roster of exceptional subsidiary studios, including Wings Simulations and Massive Development in Germany.

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