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YooMedia Signs Excusive Licence With Tetris

by Thomas on April 12, 2002 @ 3:04 p.m. PDT

YooMedia plc, the interactive community entertainment company, today enters into an exclusive licensing agreement with The Tetris Company LLC for the rights to develop and market Tetris to NTL and Telewest digital TV subscribers. The three-year deal will see the company launch new Tetris products in the summer.

Tetris® has sold over 60 million licensed copies since 1986, making it one of the worlds most successful video games to date. It’s compulsive, block-dropping gameplay has secured its status as one of the strongest games properties in existence. YooMedia will market Tetris® as a pay per play game, delivering a world-class game to digital TV subscribers within the comfortable home environment.

Henk Rogers, Chief Executive Officer of Blue Planet, the company administering the Tetris® license, comments: "This interactive TV licensing deal with YooMedia confirms the enduring appeal of Tetris®. The interactive TV medium brings a new audience to Tetris® as well as providing existing fans with another means to experience the game."

Tom Cotter, Head of Games Strategy at Telewest, comments "Tetris® is one of the few video games to have successfully created a new genre. We are delighted to make this classic title available to our digital television subscribers in association with YooMedia".

Eddie Abrams, Development Director of YooMedia said, “The addictive yet simple nature of Tetris® is a perfect fit for interactive TV. The deal to develop and market Tetris® for digital cable ensures that YooMedia remains ahead of the game in providing viewers with compelling digital entertainment through television.”

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