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Buka Announces Its E3 Lineup

by Thomas on April 12, 2002 @ 4:13 p.m. PDT

Buka Entertainment, a leading entertainment software publisher in Russia, today announced that its lineup of PC titles to be exhibited at E3 in Los Angeles.

Echelon: Wind Warriors – a sequel to the award- winning futuristic flight action game Echelon, The sequel will feature 45 thrilling missions, new weapons and playadle aircrafts and more

Paradise Cracked - a tactical role-playing game set in the futuristic world of cyberpunk inspired by the great works of William Gibson and Philip K. Dick, and the movies "Bladerunner", "Matrix" and "Ghost in the Shell.

MARCH!: Offworld Recon – a high-class innovative combination of FPS, arcade, and tactical simulation. Based on the powerful graphic engine by LithTech, it features spectacular 3D graphics, highly realistic environments and breath-taking visual effects

Midnight Nowhere – an atmospheric horror adventure, featuring stunning 3D graphics and animation, numerous puzzles to solve and more then 60 immersive environments to explore.

Spells of Gold – an original combination of a role- playing game and elements of trade simulation, set in a huge imaginary world inhabited by hundreds of fantasy creatures. It features many popular RPG elements and adds a number of unique features.

Red Shark - a high-class shoot-'em-up, in which the player controls a Ka-50 helicopter in a set of top-secret puzzling missions.

Charm of War a perfect mix of RPG and RTS. Inspired by Russian folklore, it features a number of playable characters, innovative user-friendly interface, a broad range of weapons and magic items to use, and more.


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