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G1 Jockey PS2 - Features, Screens & Manual!

by Thomas on April 15, 2002 @ 6:48 p.m. PDT

G1 Jockey puts players in the role of a rookie jockey in the world of horseracing, competing against rival jockeys and racing for their very own trainers. In the story mode, players can compete over the course of a full year and attempt to become a top jockey, while battling off fierce competition from their rivals. From negotiating with trainers to year-end awards ceremonies, G1 Jockey faithfully recreates not only the racing, but behind the scenes of the sport as well.


- Realistic horseracing action, featuring behind-the-jockey perspective and taking place in real-time.
- Jump scenario in the Trial Mode allows you to compete in obstacle style races on a variety of different courses
- Multiplayer excitement! Choose horizontal or vertical split screen.
- Includes thousands of horses
- Detailed stat-tracking system keeps track of winnings and records per each horse and race course

Grab the game manual HERE as .PDF file

Release date: 15-March-2002

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