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Civ3 Patch v1.21f On Friday

by Thomas on April 18, 2002 @ 9:26 a.m. PDT

Firaxis will be releasing a Civ 3 Patch " v1.21f " this Friday, and you can read the ReadMe for the Patch if you hit the read more link below. "The Civ 3 Patch contains some interesting changes".

Additions v1.21f:

* Added HOME and END keyboard support to scrollbars.

* Improved city governor AI.

* Editor: Added HP bonus to the Units page. The bonus can be anywhere from -20 to +20.

* Editor: Added Retreat Bonus controls to Combat Experience page.

* Editor: Added new unit abilities to allow bombarding to be lethal against land and/or sea units.

* Editor: Added multiple AI strategies for units.

* Editor: Exposed AI to AI trade rate.

* Editor: Added Reset Player Data option to Scenario menu which allows resetting of all custom player data to default values.

* Editor: Added a corruption slider to difficulty level page. It defaults to 100% for all difficulty levels.

* Added Barbarian Activity: No Barbarians.

* Added Allow Restarting Players rule.

* Added Preserve Random Seed rule. Turning this off will allow random seeds to be changed when a saved game is reloaded (which makes combat different...).

* Editor: Added game rules and victory conditions to scenario properties. If defaults are not used, the check boxes are not displayed and their on/off states cannot be changed.

* Editor: Added playable civs selector to scenario properties. If a civ is not playable, it will not be available for selection for both the human player and the opponents nor will it be assigned to any Random civ.

* Customized game settings for scenarios now work on the player setup screen. If defaults are not used, the check boxes are not displayed and their on/off states cannot be changed.

* Added "Abandon City" to right-click menu.

* Compressed saved games.

* Editor: Displayed active player on status bar.

* Editor: Setting active player to a barbarian tribe causes placed barbarian camps to use the specified barbarian tribe.

* Added bubble text to tech chooser for tech names that get cut off.

* Editor: Game now saves world-builder seed to .INI file for use in generating maps in editor.

Changes v1.21f:

* Game settings are now stored in any save file that uses them. This prevents players from altering their BIC file and using it in an existing game.

* Editor: Changed the maximum value for the Min. Distance Between Civs to 256.

* Editor: Improved starting locations for scenarios only.

* Editor: Renamed "Unique Color" to "Alternate Color" on civilizations page of the rules property sheet.

* Editor: Removed option to customize world from scenarios that contain a map.

* Editor: Added support for custom Players to player setup.

* Editor: Removed some team color palette restrictions.

* Increased corruption/waste fighting ability of courthouses and police stations.

* Increased waste fighting ability of We Love The King Day.

* Decreased Large Map Size to 130x130.

* Decreased HugeMap Size to 160x160.

* Draft anger and hurrying unhappiness reduced to 20 turns.

* War chariots now upgrade to knights.

* Adjusted advance trading rates for AI.

* The following units now plays their fidget animations when the fortify: Mech Infantry, Modern Armor, Nuclear Submarine, Panzer, Submarine, Tank, and Transport.

* Editor: Restricted players from having duplicate races.

* Removed Mounted ability from all units (flag was unused).

* Changed Culturally Linked Starting Locations from a pref to a rule.

* Sped up world builder.

* Handled some hard-coded icon issues for the city management window.

* Improved method of detecting modified rules.

* Mods no longer show gray lines on Science Advisor screen.

* Editor: Streamlined menu options.

* Updated resource icon loading so that it's not hard-coded. Any number of resource icons can now be loaded from resources.pcx as longs they are 49x49 with a 1-pixel border (and don't forget to update resource_shadows.pcx).

* Updated unit icon loading so that it's no longer hard-coded. Any number of unit icons can now be loaded as long as they are 32x32 with a 1-pixel border.

* The maximum food a tile with a city on it can produce has been changed to 2.

Fixed v1.21f:

* Page Up/Down in Civilopedia no longer opens random entries.

* Editor: Fixed bug with Aggression Level slider on Civilizations page.

* Editor: Updated ERA_NONE techs to work as expected (you can never research them and they don't impede era advancement but they can be assigned as free techs).

* Removed "God mode" save cheat.

* Fixed crash related to last settler dying on a transport.

* Fixed bug involving extra movement costs if the unit can't advance after combat.

* Fixed stack movement bug involving armies.

* Fixed worker automation bug involving shift-A.

* Fixed bugs involving setup screen remembering settings.

* Fixed bug involving maintenance costs and granaries/Pyramids, barracks/Art of War, etc.

* Fixed bug involving stack movement and combat.

* Fixed forest planting on enemy territory exploit.

* Fixed bug in diplo bargaining AI for per-turn gold deals.

* Improved army healing AI.

* Fixed bug with how shields were calculated for population hurrying. The first citizen is now worth 20 shields instead of 40 shields, just like all the other citizens.

* Air units now stay on interception if their carrier moves.

* Updated units with Zone of Control in the Zone of Control Civilopedia entry.

* Updated food from game tiles in the Bonus Resources Civilopedia entry.

* Updated Coastal Fortress maintenance cost in Maintenance Civilopedia entry.

* Fixed some bugs involving the AI's use of fighters/jet fighters.

* Fixed some bugs with team color palettes.

* Fixed highlight bug on world and player setup screens.

* Fixed combo box bug.

* Correct Knight Death SFX now plays.

* Editor: Fixed bug that allowed rivers in water.

* Editor: Fixed bug that did not properly set rivers when turning water into land.

* Fixed bug which allowed rebasing bombers which had already bombed using group movement.

* Noted that a Temple is required to build a Cathedral in it's Civilopedia entry.

* Noted that a Library is required to build an University in it's Civilopedia entry.

* Fixed SFX problems with Rifleman and Cavalry.

* Fixed typo that prevented a Paratrooper from displaying it's fortify animation.

* Editor: Fixed some barbarian bugs. Barbarians are now forced to be the first civ.

* Editor: Fixed some bugs with Add/Delete buttons.

* Fixed bug with civ-specific abilities that caused them to be displayed in the "Dawn of Man" popup even when they were turned off.

* Fixed building prerequisites to allow buildings to require buildings that are bestowed by other buildings but only if 1 is required. If more than 1 or required, they must actually be built.

* Fixed bug in culture win where the Civilopedia cursor would show up in the wrong place.

* Fixed Foreign advisor bug where recently met civs would not appear on the screen in a > 8 player game.

* Fixed bug in Civ3 where Scout runs an extra space after revealing a goody hut.

* Fixed bug where greater than standard hit points left artifacts on the screen.

* Fixed bug involving not being able to draft certain types of defensive units.

* Wonders now work with the government specific field.

* Fixed domestic advisor crash.

* Worker death SFX now play in ancient and middle ages.

* Fixed bug that caused government-specific wonders and improvements to continue functioning when the government is changed.

* Editor: Fixed bug when placing irrigation on water.

* Fixed bug that caused icons to disappear from techs on Science Advisor screen.

* Editor: Fixed bug with New which caused some map data to be retained.

* Updated All Terrain As Roads unit ability to work with water units.

* Updated water unit movement to take into account the cost of the terrain type.

* Fixed bug in script with duplicated/missing key for science advisor (strong funding message had the same key as average funding).

* Nuclear Plant Civilopedia entry corrected.

* Fixed advisor bug where science funding was incorrectly calculated.

Jeff Morris
Firaxis Games

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