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'MotoRacer 3' Patch v1.2.4.1 Available NOW

by Thomas on April 19, 2002 @ 9:26 a.m. PDT

Delphine Software has now issued the final retail patches for MotoRacer 3, upgrading their motorbike racing sim to version As before, they offer improved joystick and keyboard control, more set-up options, some graphics enhancements, and other changes and bug fixes. Read More to find a detailed fix list and links where to grab it...

Worthplaying server

(2.3 MB) US retail v1.2.4.1 update (from beta)

(10.7 MB) US retail v1.2.4.1 full patch

(2.3 MB) European retail v1.2.4.1 update (from beta)

(10.7 MB) European retail v1.2.4.1 full patch

Get the patches off 3DGamers

PATCH V1.2.4.1

Among the features offered by this patch are functions for changing resolution and the joystick and keyboard controls, additional network functionality, as well as plenty of other enhancements. A few of the graphics bugs have also been corrected in this version.


Double-click on the "Mr3 - European update.exe" or "Mr3 - -US update.exe" file to start the update process. When installing the patch you will be prompted to enter the serial number. NB: the original game CD should be in your drive when the patch is being installed.

You install the ADD ON putting the files in the datafiles folder of Motoracer3.


1. Simpler access to more setup parameters organised into 5 sections:

1.1 Settings for graphics, resolution, numbers of colours,antialiasing,

Display mode

  • Choice of resolution: provides a selection of different resolutionsand numbers of colours.
  • Colour antialiasing: selects antialiasing mode.

In addition to the settings available in the game to help improve yourperformance, you can also try some of the following settings:

  • No rendertarget: disables rendertarget mode, allowing a rendered 3D object to be displayed on the face of a polygon. Some video cards do not support this function.
  • No rendertarget in menu: disables rendertarget mode in the menu only
  • No shadow: removes shadows from the bikes completely.
  • No video textures: removes animated textures (e.g.: large screen in the Stade de France)
  • No T&L: forces part of the 3D rendering in software mode. In fact, some video cards do not support T&L (Transform and Lightning) mode properly.
  • No guardbands: forces the program not to display anything outside the screen (clipping). Some cards have problems supporting guardband.
  • No SIMD code (SSE & SSE2): disables SSE & SSE2 (Pentium® 3 and Pentium® 4) optimisation if you are experiencing autodetectionproblems.


  • No evaluation by DirectDraw 7: disables more accurate evaluation of texture memory. May correct certain problems linked to particular video card drivers.
  • Forced texture memory size: can be used to force the texture memory to a fixed size. In fact, some video cards do not handle video memory correctly. It can also be used to improve texture quality, but at the cost of performance.

1.2 Sound settings, reverb, chorus for motor bikes.

  • No sound: disables the sound throughout the entire game.
  • No music: disables only the playing of music in the game.
  • Chorus: is used to change the chorus of the motor bikes' sound
  • Reverb: is used to change the reverb of the motor bikes' sound

1.3 Peripheral settings, joystick, joypad, keyboard, etc.

To change a keyboard or joystick setting, click on the relevantfunction and then press the key or button to be assigned.

  • Joystick enabled on launch: starts the game with the joystick/joypad controls
  • Linear direction: changes direction control from linear mode to non-linear. You are recommended to keep linear mode as the default setting.
  • Default values: restores default keys and buttons.

1.4 Multiplayer settings, creating your own banned rider list, choosing the right network bandwidth for your RTC modem, Cable, ADSL, your network card, etc.

  • Network bandwidth: selects type of connection for playing in network mode
  • Select Network Cards: selects the local or remote network card to be used for playing the game on a network.
  • Banned rider list: lists players who have been banned.

1.5 System information, providing useful information about video drivers, processor enhancements and other technical information.

2. Freestyle mode can be played completely using the joystick. All the combinations will be updated on our website.

Performing the moves with the joystick :

Split Turbo Bottom
Split X Turbo Top
Coffin Horn Bottom
Twist Gear Up Bottom
Barney Horn Left
Aerial G Gear Up Left
Aerial D Gear Up Droit
Lazy Boy Horn Top
Double can can Turbo Left Right
Nac Nac G Turbo Turbo Left
Nac Nac D Turbo Turbo Right
Saran Wrap G Gear Down Gear Down Left
Saran Wrap D Gear Down Gear Down Right
Superman Turbo Turbo Bottom
Cliffhanger Gear Up Gear Up Top Bottom
Double Candy Bar Gear Down Bottom Top
Double Saran Wrap Gear Down Left Right
Hell clicker Gear Down Bottom Bottom
El cordobes Gear Up Gear Up Top Top
Heart attack Gear Down Gear Down Bottom Top
Superman seat grab Gear Down Gear Down Bottom Left

3. Choose your own helmet, new helmets and logos:

4. Multiplayer mode can now be accessed by non-players using spectator mode, allowing them to watch their favourite riders via the tracking cameras:

F3: Changes the bike being followed
F4: Changes camera

5. Each player now has their name displayed during races.

6. You can make donations to your favourite players and ban those players you don't want.

7. For those keen on the view from inside, racing bikes now have a built-in digital speedometer.

8. Support for Intel SSE (Pentium® 3) and SSE2 (Pentium® 4) instruction sets.

9 - Team support

This options allow you to choose what set of bikes you wish for you next game. You can choose only 8 bikes at all.

9 - Two new options, for advanced users only, have been added :

  • "-NoVSync" (command line argument which can also be selected in setup dialog) :
    It disables the wait for vertical blanking in fullscreen (depending on driver settings and behaviour, it may do nothing), but doesn't remove the game loop sync (30fps). Warning : for expert users only.
  • "-Benchmark" (command line argument only) :
    It disables all game synchronizations, and displays some statistics (fps and polygons) on screen. Please notice that, since it affects heavily synchronizations and gameplay, networked mode is disabled when running game in "benchmark". Warning : for expert users only.

10 - DirectShow : [affects all European & US versions]

The video code in the us and european 1.1 versions was modified to allow smoother transitions (no flashs) between videos but this lead to some lockings (especially under windows xp), when some divx video codecs, which interfers with directshow, were installed. This problem has been fixed.

And additional option in the setup dialog ("no intros") has been added to disable introduction videos, in case of another unexpected conflict between user-installed directshow filters.

DirectShow is also used for video textures in-game. If you have issues on supercross and freestyle tracks (which are the one which use video textures, for screens), it is recommended to disable, using setup dialog.

11 - ATI Radeon : [affects all European & US versions]

Latest drivers report a totally erroneous size for textures (sometimes x 20!), so that the game recues their quality too much to fit them in texture memory. The game is now able to detect (and ignore it) when a returned memory size is obviously wrong.

12 - ATI Rage128 : [affects all European & US versions]

Older drivers for rage128 chips seems to have problems with motoracer3 lease try these command line options which affect the way software transformed polygon are sent to the graphic card.

13 - ATI Radeon & others : [affects European & US versions]

Texture mode 332 (8 bits rgb, extra-low quality) has been disabled for any dxtc-capable system, to avoid quality issues when texture memory size is pretty low, and game is likely to select it.

It remains heavily in use for older cards that have serious memory issues (voodoo).

14 - Voodoo 3 : [affects European 1.0 & 1.1 versions]

The game was only able to run if desktop was in 16bits, even in fullscreen. Now you can run the game while having a 24/32bits desktop bitdepth, althought it is not recommended. Of course, You still need the latest DX8 compatible drivers from 3DFX to be able to play the game, and you need to lower details.

15 - Voodoo 3 : [affects European 1.0 version]

Bike quality in the menu was very low ("rainbow"-looking 8x8 textures) because of a texture format incompatibility. It has been fixed.

16 - Voodoo 3,4,5 : [affects European & US versions]

There were some Z buffer-wrapping artefacts, in traffic mode with highest view distance (gray buildings appearing in wrong place), that have been fixed.

17 - Kyro, PowerVR : [affects European 1.0 versions]

Rendertargets, used for shadow rendering, have been modified to be more kyro-friendly. It is recommended to use the middle detail level (shadow without
blur) with the in-game graphic options "shadow quality" slider.

18 - Netmeeting : [affects European & US versions]

On non-xp systems, the game warns you if netmeeting is running, since it has been reported many times as a source of direct3d major problem. If you encounter graphic issues (for example, if everything is white) try disabling netmeeting first.

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