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'Project Earth' Goes GOLD!

by Thomas on April 20, 2002 @ 8:14 a.m. PDT

DreamCatcher, a fast-growing publisher of PC and console entertainment software, announced today that Project Earth, its RTS PC game, has “gone gold.” Project Earth is an unprecedented RTS PC game that takes real-time strategy to the next level. With unique gameplay, an easy-to-use interface, 3D technical advances, and a storyline that is integral to gameplay, Project Earth makes space fun!

“As the first RTS PC game in our catalog, we wanted to find the best RTS game currently being developed, and we think we have,’ said Richard Wah Kan, president and CEO of DreamCatcher. “Project Earth is just one of the many top games that DreamCatcher will be releasing this year.”

Unlike other RTS games on the market, Project Earth is a full 3D RTS game that employs an advanced 3D engine with real-time 3D particle effects, making the entire environment come alive. The game’s ships, along with having a high polygon-count and being individually textured, also move in space using real 3D space physics, supplying the ships with inertia and angular velocity. The sound effects, too, are produced with a 3D engine, providing 3D quality even on a pair of standard speakers.

Along with containing great technical advances, Project Earth improves upon RTS gameplay with original gameplay features. In this game, battles can be fought in up to three completely different planes at the same time and can be monitored quickly by using warp gates or black holes. Also included is a unique “research tree,” where the game provides 9 “inventions” per race. Each invention comes with two alternatives. For example, players can now decide (after having completed their research) if their ships should be 5% faster or 5% stronger. After choosing one of these options, the second option, or invention, becomes unavailable until the next mission.

The storyline in Project Earth is not just fluff. Indeed, it is an integral part to gameplay. Each race (one human and two aliens) has a detailed psychology and social AI elements that effect the behavior of the computer component. Further, just like in life, human emotions count, and effect how characters react to certain situations.

Players will also be blown away at how accessible Project Earth is to all players, not just RTS fans. With its one-screen interface and easy-to-use controls, any gamer can jump in and start playing. Instead of having key tools on several different screens, Project Earth has all that a player needs on one screen – maps, radars, production stats, and battle zone info. Controls are easy-to-use as well. Players can control all elements of the game using a mouse, a cursor and the CRTL key. Plus, RTS aficionados don’t have to fret, as the game still has typical RTS actions, such as left click to select a unit, dragging of a select group, etc…

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