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Nintendo Sets New Price For Launch Of GameCube

by Thomas on April 22, 2002 @ 12:28 p.m. PDT

Nintendo today announced that it’s ground breaking new console, NINTENDO GAMECUBE, will launch across Europe on May 3rd at a recommended retail price of 199 Euros, and is expected to retail in the UK at £129 UK pounds. This new price is part of Nintendo’s commitment to offer the consumer an unbeatable proposition (or they feat the Xbox since it dropped price last week!). Nintendo plans to bring the NINTENDO GAMECUBE to market at the best possible price so consumers can feel confident they are getting the best deal at launch.

“Europe is a very important market for Nintendo and we are committed to making it a success. On May 3rd we will launch the only dedicated games console, the NINTENDO GAMECUBE, with an excellent software line-up, both for launch and throughout 2002, at a very competitive price. This is a very strong offer for consumers and one that we believe will ensure Nintendo’s success across Europe,” said David Gosen, Managing Director, Nintendo Europe.

Pre-orders for NINTENDO GAMECUBE in Europe are already extremely impressive, in the UK alone over 30,000 people have reserved their NINTENDO GAMECUBE in store. This new price point will continue to drive consumer demand in the run up to launch and the number of pre-orders is expected to reach over 50,000 in the UK.

Nintendo has committed approximately 500,000 units of NINTENDO GAMECUBE to Europe for launch day with a total of 1 million units for the launch period. Day one will also see the most impressive and extensive line-up of software titles ever seen for a console launch, with over 20 software titles available, growing to over 50 titles available by the summer.

Nintendo has already shipped approximately 4 million NINTENDO GAMECUBE hardware to Japan and North America by the end of March 2002.

NINTENDO GAMECUBE launches in Europe on May 3rd at a recommended retail price of 199 Euros, and is expected to retail in the UK at 129 UK pounds. For further information on NINTENDO GAMECUBE visit

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