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'Moto GP' - Packshot & Artwork

by Thomas on April 22, 2002 @ 10:26 p.m. PDT

Based on the outstandingly popular sport of Grand Prix Motorcycle racing, MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology is an ultra-realistic bike racer for the Xbox and PC, which puts you, the player, behind the handle-bars of some of the meanest, fastest, most thrilling machines on two-wheels. The game got a release date set to June-2002.. Today we bring you the XBox packshot "which is good" and three small artwork screens. Enjoy!



  • 10 accurately created real world tracks.
  • All of the bikes and riders from the real-world 2001 MOTO GP series.
  • Intuitive, arcade style control system with simulation features for the expert.
  • Ultra realistic vehicle dynamics using Climax's proprietary DYNE player libraries.
  • A variety of different game modes, designed to appeal to different types of gamers.
  • Split screen, multiplayer gaming mode supporting up to four players.
  • Customisable bike and rider liveries
  • Develop you own rider's attributes in GP & training modes giving a unique learning curve extended by unlockable tracks, riders, cheats & more bike and rider liveries.
  • MotoGP is the ultimate in motorcycle racing, with a heritage of 50 years.
  • It is the supreme combination of man and machine, with the world's most advanced technology.
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