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TimeSplitters 2 (XBox) - Screens

by Thomas on April 23, 2002 @ 1:25 p.m. PDT

Eidos Interactive announces that TimeSplitters 2 is currently in development for the Xbox video game system and the Nintendo GameCube. TimeSplitters 2 will improve on many of the features that made the original so awesome and fun to play. Check out 70 screens below!

The game offers fully developed single player and co-operative story modes, featuring a complex narrative with multiple objective-based episodes and superbly animated cut-scenes.

The game engine has been extensively upgraded to accommodate bigger, higher detailed backgrounds and dizzying graphical special effects, while still providing the distinctively smooth fast-paced action of the original.

TimeSplitters 2 offers a completely rewritten animation system incorporating inverse kinematics bringing even more lifelike and dynamic movement to a new collection of stylized renegade characters.

TimeSplitters 2 will retain the unique MapMaker in an enhanced form, which opens up even more potential for the hardcore player to completely customize game scenarios.

The multiplayer mayhem of the original will be back, and TimeSplitters 2 further extends the possibilities of allowing multiple consoles to be linked together.

The game is being developed by Free Radical Design and is set for release in Autumn 2002.

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