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Stunts: Final Stage - Screens & Features

by Thomas on April 26, 2002 @ 10:55 a.m. PDT

Old school players will surely remember the legendary computer game Stunt Car Racer. In that time, the game marked an enormous success and has a lot of fans even today. Its first contribution was a superb playability. The second article, as important as the first one, was the possibility of building your own tracks and races them afterwards. Many years have passed but no game that allowed such things did emerge, instead they all limited the player to race only pre-defined tracks. Slovak company Mayhem Studios took the chance and started this ambitious project that is going to be released in the half of the next year.

Stunts – Final Stage offers

Possibility to build your own tracks and organize races on them

Quality game atmosphere

Excitement while racing through loopings, suspension bridges, moving obstacles and many others

Artificial intelligence of the opponents

Our own full 3D engine we’ve been working on for two years.

21 cars to choose, each one with different physical characteristics.

Release date: Q2, 2003

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