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'Pinball Advance' Announced (GBA) - Screens & Features

by Thomas on April 29, 2002 @ 11:04 a.m. PDT

Featuring pinball tables from past to present, Pinball Advance will capture the hearts and minds of all those who have played the silver ball when it is published for Game Boy Advance by Digital Worldwide in June 2002.. Pinball Advance features the Tarantula, Jailbreak and Daredevil pinball tables, all fully rendered in shiny 3D and each with their own exclusive single and multiball game modes.


Digital Worldwide Announce Pinball Advance for GBA in June 2002

The Tarantula table will allow budding pinball wizards to venture into the spider’s lair and fight their way onto the scoreboard overcoming the terror of the table. In Jailbreak, players will have to prove their innocence to the judge or escape past the prison guards. Finally, The Daredevil will let players take their chances with the Wheel of Death and The Loop of Fire.

Pinball Advance features full logic control, so the game acts and feels like a full size pinball table and the advanced controls will allow pinballers to control the flippers and plunger as well as tilt left, right and up. Furthermore, for that all-important touch of silver ball authenticity, other options include genuine ‘screen shake’ and an unobtrusive and innovative system for detailing ‘backboard’ information, such as high score and multiball modes, via thousands of dotmations.

With over 40 tub-thumping music tracks and more than 300 swooshing pinball sound effects, Pinball Advance also sounds like the real thing and gives players the feeling of playing inside a real arcade.

All this gameplay glides across three levels of difficulty for both three or five-ball gaming. So, whether you’re a pinball virgin or a high-scoring Tommy, Pinball Advance is guaranteed to bring the look, feel and sound of the full-sized table to your pocket.

Pinball Advance features:
· Full Logic control giving the feel of a real pinball table
· Maximised gameplay with bonuses, multi-balls, kickers, jet buffers, spinners and tilt
· Three fully rendered 3D tables
· Six Levels of difficulty
· Over 40 different music tracks
· Over 300 different pinball sound effects
· Thousands of dotmations
· Top High Scores Saves

Pinball Advance is being developed by Rebellion and will be published by Digital Worldwide for game Boy Advance in June 2002.

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