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'The Code of Honor' To Be Unveiled At E3 !

by Thomas on April 29, 2002 @ 7:37 p.m. PDT

DS Interactive, Inc. will introduce a new RPG named 'The Code of Honor' (third installment of the Three Kingdoms series) at E3, which will be held in Los Angeles Convention Center on May 21 through 24 - 2002. Find out more below!

With its revolutionary game design, the highly anticipated third installment of the Three Kingdoms series will features ground breaking game design, incorporating full RPG functionality in 'The Code of Honor(Working Title)'.

Dong Seo Interactive, Inc. will be exhibiting 'The Code of Honor(Working Title)' at Kentia Hall, #6257-6.

As the third installment of the "Three Kingdoms" series, it .follows their main hero, Lu Xun, in his quest for love and glory.


- Full 3D Game Engine
- Enhanced RPG Elements
- Enhanced Internet Interactivity
- Hero Centric Gameplay
- Spectacular Visual Effects and Graphics
- Complete Scenario Editor

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