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'Starmageddon: Project Earth' - Overview & Screens

by Thomas on April 3, 2002 @ 7:22 p.m. PST

Mindscape is proud to announce the acquisition of the UK publishing rights for the space RTS game Starmageddon: Project Earth from Polish developer Lemon Interactive. The game takes the best and proven elements of the real-time strategy genre to the next level, where both quick thinking and long-term strategies are important. Starmageddon: Project Earth features unique gameplay, an easy-to-use interface, 3D technical advances, and a storyline that is integral to gameplay. Starmageddon: Project Earth will be released in Q3 2002 for PC CD-Rom, priced at £24.99.

Starmageddon: Project Earth joins Earth in a period of expansion where space seems infinite. Computers are endlessly more powerful than they are today, but have not developed enough to beat the power of the human mind. One in a billion people has the power to run the Bahamuts - the motherships that are the basis of any space fleet. Such people, known as Sundivers, are neurally connected to the mothership and are able to virtually manage all of its functions – the user plays a Sundiver. On a mission to colonise another planet, the player’s Bahamut and two others are met by a mysterious comet, heading towards Earth. But alien warships are lying in wait in the comet’s tail…

Players will be blown away at how accessible Starmageddon: Project Earth is to all players, not just RTS fans. With its one-screen interface and easy-to-use controls, any gamer can jump in and start playing. Instead of having key tools on several different screens, Starmageddon: Project Earth has all that a player needs on one screen - maps, radars, production statistics, and battle zone information.

Unlike other RTS games on the market, Starmageddon: Project Earth is a full 3D game that employs an advanced 3D engine with real-time 3D particle effects, bringing the entire environment to alive.

The ships, along with having a high polygon-count and being individually textured, also move in space using real 3D space physics, supplying the ships with inertia and angular velocity.

The sound effects, too, are produced with a 3D engine, providing 3D quality even on a pair of standard speakers. Controls are also easy to grasp. Players can control all elements of the game using a mouse, a cursor and the ‘control’ key.

But fans of the genre will not be put off, as familiar RTS controls are also included.

Simon Orams, Games Product Manager at Mindscape, commented: “Starmageddon: Project Earth is a truly spectacular title that will redefine the RTS genre. The game takes the best and proven elements of the genre and combines them with some sparkling innovations, making it a universally playable game.”


Beautifully rendered 3D real time environment.

Engaging real time gameplay.

Back to basics: fun and easy to understand.

Unique scenario, which allows play in three different battleplanes simultaneously.

Play both Humans and Aliens in this epic battle for survival.

Play with up to eight players in Multiplayer mode.

Pioneering one screen interface

Company Information
Mindscape is a leading publisher of innovative, interactive consumer software with millions of users worldwide. The company develops and publishes some of the best-selling consumer software under the brands: PrintMaster, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, Reader Rabbit, 3D Home Architect, Carmen Sandiego, Softkey, Zoombinis and The ClueFinders. Mindscape is also the licensed publisher of software under the Arthur, Scooby-Doo, Family Tree Maker, and Cosmopolitan brands. The company’s products are distributed worldwide on PCs and Macintosh. Mindscape is the exclusive distributor of Riverdeep/The Learning Company and Broderbund products outside of the US.

About Lemon Interactive
Lemon Interactive is the rapidly growing international publisher of entertainment software, and the first company from Central Europe publishing internationally. The company has its own internal development studios, currently producing 2 titles: 3D space RTS Project Earth (aka Starmageddon: Project Earth) and 3D first person shooter Painkiller.

Notes to editors :

Starmageddon: Project Earth will be released in Q3 2002.

Visuals available on request

The recommended retail price is £24.99

System Requirements:
System 98SE/ME/2000/XP with DirectX 8.0 and up
500 Mhz P3/Celeron/AMD or equivalent
32 MB Ge-Force class GFX card
128 RAM
DirectSound 3D compatible sound card

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